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The Best Healthy Halloween Treats For Kids

Updated on September 24, 2012

We all know that Halloween happens to be a tricky holiday for health-conscious moms and dads. Sure, it is just one single day annually, nevertheless the remaining goodies one doesn't give away along with the sugary snacks your children take home will probably hang throughout the house for several weeks.

I inquired nutrition experts and child health and fitness specialists what they're going to be offering to trick-or-treaters this current year and just how they deal with the candy-laden sacks that will make it home at the conclusion of the evening.

Let me reveal their tips.

Think little. Giving away full-size chocolate bars makes you the idol of your block with young children, although not dad and mom. Give mini- candy bars and snack-size goodies. Many nutritionists prefer mini sized pretzels, dried fruit, raisins and Chex-mix given that they can be utilized school snack food items and lower the actual calorie count within the trick-or-treat stash. Some others give away mini-sized child faves like peanut butter cups and chocolate bars, but give them away only one-by-one instead of the fistful. “Does anybody think that youngsters really enjoy apples and various ‘healthy’ things on Halloween night?” I ask myself.
Select a lesser amount of indulgent goodies. Chocolate coated raisins continue to be classified as a candy, however they are at the very least filled with dietary fiber along with other healthy nutritional requirements. Peppermint Patties are lower in unwanted fats.

Consider natural and organic delicious chocolate. Numerous research has shown genuine chocolate has many benefits, but the majority commercial chocolate bars are quite extremely highly processed a number of the healthful flavonoids are displaced. My family doctor gives you modest natural and organic dark chocolate pieces from Trader Joe’s. An additional benefit throughout cold and influenza time — dark chocolate can help you deal with coughs, as outlined by one particular analysis.

Please don't reject lollipops. Ny University nutritional expert Lisa Young records that despite the fact that they are really nevertheless all sugars, sweets like lollipops that take more time to enjoy make the perfect strategy given that they assist children consume less over-all. One better, check out these cheap organic lollipops here.

By-pass the candy. This is not going to suggest switching off the lighting fixtures and neglecting to respond to the trick-or-treaters. As opposed to sugary snacks, give away peel off stickers, tattoo designs along with other non-candy things. Two years ago a neighbor offered little Play-Doh cans. This current year, I am going to be giving glow-necklaces. Candyless goodies can considerably costlier, but if you ask me it's actually well worth the expense to assist in lightening up the Halloween caloric load.

Lastly, some easy tactics can continue to keep little ones from partaking for several weeks on excess Halloween sweets. Dig through their Halloween treasure together with your youngsters and eliminate sweets that are definitely not their preferred. Teenagers put their stash into a for everyone dish for the household. (Make certain a number of that vanished over night, as well.)

Have a happy and safe Halloween season!


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