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Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on September 20, 2014

I haven't been a huge lover of Halloween, but being a parent of 2 great kids, I have realized that a very important factor is for certain – the youngsters ARE huge supporters of Halloween season.

If I contemplate it through the mindset of a kid, what is not to love? A getaway day in which you could wear a costume (which children get pleasure from any day of year) and grownups ensuring that you get plenty of candy makes it rather captivating.

Because Halloween costumes for children can be hard on the budget for many people this time of year, I made a decision to make a list of what I think are some of the coolest ideas for affordable and simple outfits.

Listed below are some cool ones that I came with and I think they are cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas to try.

  • Pack a massive clear garbage bag with balloons and remove 2 openings for legs and you're simply become a sack of jellybeans!

  • Dress the girls as infants: baby blanket sleeper, pigtails, binky and cover

  • Head over to goodwill, get some flannel shirts, overalls, baseball caps or straw hats and now they are farmers!

  • Put on an all black turtleneck, some eyeglasses, denim jeans and turn into Steve Jobs.

  • Arrange them in a big box with their legs and arms and head poking through and packaged them as an Christmas gift

  • Dress in all pink. Find pink ribbon and bow and pink temporary hair dye spray and go as a breast cancer ribbon….

  • Get them to be a deck of cards… simply use paper stock or cardboard… a person can be the King, Jack, Queen, etc.

  • Clothe them with robes (or use some from pals, and have the little ones put them on, twist their hair up in towels and send them as being a “spa day girls”

  • Find a dollar store to find some low-priced white-colored sheets… slice them in extended pieces and encapsulate your son or daughter into mummies.

  • Polo Shirt and Khakis…give them a golf club to carry.

  • (This particular one forced me to chuckle) Make them dress in typical clothing and whenever individuals question, “What are you supposed to be?” They are saying, “I’m the invisible man. Oh No!? Your eyes can observe me?! I am going to take this dumb costume back…”

  • Bicycle pads and helmet and imitation blood. Perhaps excessive, but low cost

I know there presently exists much more wonderful easy and cheap costumes out there – but these are the basic ideal types that came to my mind in my brainstorming session. What exactly are your best low-priced Costume for Halloween suggestions? Share your very best easy on the wallet Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas along with us inside the comments!


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    • shrubber profile image

      shrubber 4 years ago from USA

      Yes I think I will do that...Thanks!

    • Rob Lattin profile image

      Rob Lattin 4 years ago from Born in Chicago, now I'm in Mostly Michigan

      It's never too early or late to talk about one of the most fun holidays of the year - Halloween. Excellent ideas in this blog. Maybe you could write something on haunted houses (real or commercial ones).