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Stress Relief - Yummy Comfort Food for Stress Management

Updated on October 5, 2011

Comfort food is for stressful days, days when you have overslept, forgotten an appointment, meeting, or lunch date.

Days when you have to dig into the recesses of your closet for an outfit because all your nice clothes are in the laundry hamper waiting to be washed.

Days when you can't seem to get on top of things.

This food is for the bad hair days, the lazy days, the take a load off your feet days.

But mostly, this food is called comfort food for one reason: it's just makes you feel good.

So, take a look at this ever changing list I'm compiling of all the great comfort food there is out there to relieve your stress.

# 1. Chocolate

I feel like this is an appropriate choice to start off the list of comfort foods. Why? Because people cannot seem to get enough chocolate. Dr. Bankole A. Johnson researches addictive behavior. He says that ingredients in chocolate effect brain chemistry. For example, cannabinoid compounds are found in chocolate, and are responsible for the high found in marijuana. Chocolate also contains caffeine, tyramine, and tryptophan. Your brain turns these into "feel-good" chemicals dopamine and serotonin (which is an antidepressant). Chocolate also stimulates the feelings of when you are in love, increasing your pulse rate. So, all in all, a prime candidate for a comfort food. In fact, I think I'll have some right now...stay tuned...

# 2. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes

Here's something a bit more substantial for you. This delectable dish brings back memories of family dinners and picnics. Pleasant memories all around.

# 3. popcorn, Popcorn, POPCORN!!!

Whether its microwave, in a can, jiffy pop, popcorn maker style, or old fashioned over the stove popcorn, it's a wonderful item to add to the list. This wonderful treat goes great with a few servings of friends and a splash movie. For extra flavor, combine ingredients at nighttime for a more cozy feel. 

# 4. Apple Pie

Good old fashioned apple pie. Best if homemade, of course. Including the crust, don't be stingy now. But, if you don't have the time to go all domestic yourself, hit up a relative, friend, or grocery store to see if they will oblige you. 

Goes best with a scoop of ice cream... which brings me to my next item...

# 5. Ice cream

Again, if you're feeling all domestic, homemade ice cream is beyond compare, and in my experience, well worth the time it takes to make.

But, not all of us have time to sit around making ice cream. So, most of us go to the store, pick up a pint, and save the homemade stuff for special occasions and holidays.Best feature of ice cream, it comes in hundreds of flavors!!!

# 6. Macaroni and Cheese

I promise not to go all domestic on you with this item. I have always like the good ol' stuff in the box. Kraft never let me down.

You can make it in about 10 minutes, goes with lots of other main courses if you choose not to make the mac the main course, and I hear its a great source of calcium (thank you Kraft box).

# 7. Peanut butter and jelly

Can never go wrong with a PB&J, unless of course you're allergic to peanuts. 

I'm always updating my lists so if you have any new comfort food ideas, shoot them my way!


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    • profile image

      iamaudraleigh 5 years ago

      You are making me hungry!!! Chocolate is wonderful when dealing with stress!

    • cjcarter profile image

      cjcarter 7 years ago

      How could I have missed bacon!? I've never tried pork chops with vinegar and garlic but it sounds like perfection. I'll have to give that a go! Thanks for the feedback PaperNotes!

    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 7 years ago

      Yummy hub! Another comfort food for me is bacon or fried pork chops dipped in vinegar with garlic.