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Great uses of lemon peels

Updated on July 28, 2015

I Can't Bear To Toss The Lemon Peel

Most of us consuming lemon juice and its pulp quite often or almost every day as we all know that lemon is so blessed with its natural healing properties.

I wonder if you have the same habit as me that always make full use of lemon even including the peel, yes, you heard it right…including the peel that many people tend to toss and discard it after consuming the pulp or squeezing it for juice.

Reason Why I Keep The Lemon Peels

The very simple reason that I can't bear to toss the peel is that I love the refreshing and divine smell of lemon very much as it enhances my mood every now and then, most importantly; I love to use it as household cleaner and bug repellent.

Yes, that’s the only knowledge I had for lemon peel before I spent a little time researching the topic on the web.

So, before I share with you the wonders and values that the peel can really provide, keep the lemon peels if you have any before tossing them in the trash, you would be surprised enough for they can actually be used around the house, in food and as beauty products.

Nutrients And Health Benefits In Lemon Peels

Everybody knows lemon peels are actually our nutritional boosters that contain a spectrum of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

According to the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference,

  • Every 100 g portion of lemon peel contains 134 mg of calcium.
  • Each 100 g of peel has 160mg of Potassium minerals.
  • It contains 129 mg of Vitamin C per each 100 g portion
  • For every 100gm of Portion, it has 10.6 g of Fiber.

Apart from that it also contains more than 44 kinds of flavone glycosides and other plant acids and nutrients that make it as valuable as it is today.

So, look no further, let’s starts digging out the benefits of lemon peels now.

A great snack for kids!
A great snack for kids! | Source

For Diet

1. Unexpected wonderful taste

Well, the easiest way to start, sprinkle the peels onto vegetable salad, vegetable soups, curry soup, sushi, and fish dishes. It will give you an unexpectedly wonderful taste.

2. Keep brown sugar soft

I wonder if you always face such issue like me that your brown sugar most often turns into “brick sugar”, hey you know what I mean right? Try adding some lemon peel then to help keeping it moist and easy to use.

3. Make strips aka twists

Strips of peel are good in cocktails, sparkling water, and tap water. Use a knife and cut the peel into long strips, but please do remember to cut away the white pith which is bitter. These can also be frozen in a freezer-safe container or bag.

4. Make candied lemon peel

I bet you love this the most!

Candied peels are pretty easy to make, it can be eaten plain, or dipped in melted chocolate, used in cake, cookie, candy, or bread recipes. It definitely is a great snack for the kids.

5. Making ice cubes

If you are going to make ice cubes next time, try to cut the lemon peel into small slices, it makes the ice exceptionally well with aroma; kids love it and so you are I bet, especially in that very hot afternoon that you need that fragrance cooling feeling…what’s more, enjoy the different look of the ice cubes.

6. Travel sickness cure

Feeling nauseous? Say no to medicine! Suck on a slice of lemon peel and you would be so appreciate to it, for sure.

What?! You are lazy to do all these? Well, eat it then, yes, straight away from the raw, and you would find the abundant of health benefits if you keep this as a habit.

Surprise enough for the benefits that the lemon peels can offer...
Surprise enough for the benefits that the lemon peels can offer... | Source

Health Benefits

Well, before you can clearly see any other health benefits, the very first you can experience is…

1. Oral health and hygiene

Chew the peel; this will make your breath smell great, and you'll find that it's a good substitute for mints and gum. Save your money on any chewing gums, great idea huh?

Lemon peel is a natural source of vitamin C and citric acid. Not only that it prevents teeth and gums related problems, it helps too in purifying the blood vessels in the body and eliminating all the impurities present in the skin cells.

2. Boost the immune system

I was told by my parent that citrus fruits are high in vitamin C when I was still a little girl, and so is the lemon. So, it plays quite an important role to boost our immune system and fight against colds and flu.

3. Bone health

As it contains a high amount of calcium and vitamin C, lemon peel helps in maintaining and improving the health of bones. Consuming lemon peel is definitely a wise choice as it helps in preventing bone related diseases like osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory polyarthritis and other bone conditions.

4. Reduce Stress

Whoever dares to admit that he or she doesn’t have stress, and in fact, we all do have some different levels of stress which we always wanted to get rid of it!

Opt for lemon peels as it does contain citrus bioflavonoids which are very powerful at reducing our levels of stress. Besides, it does aid in eradicating toxic elements and removing carcinogenic elements in our body.

5. Fight Cancer

Well, I wonder if this has been proved yet we know that lemon is an alkalizing fruit which contains salvestrol Q40 and limonene which according to scientists kills the enzyme that spurs the growth of human cancer cells. The flavonoids too, that present in the peel are known to be effective when it comes to curbing the division of cancerous cells. So, logically, by maintaining an alkaline body it prevents cancer since cancer thrives in an acidic body.

6. It decreases cholesterol levels and blood pressure

Due to the presence of polyphenol flavonoids in lemon peels, consuming lemon peels will help lower the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the body which results in maintaining good health of our hearts.

Vitamin C and vitamin P help in clearing the blood vessels, preventing or minimizing the risks of developing the interrelated conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetic heart disease.

Check out how the lemon peels can benefit your body and skin...
Check out how the lemon peels can benefit your body and skin... | Source

For Beauty And Body

1. Make up

Start with a lemon peel before your make up, gently rub and wipe your face with the moisture side of the peel, amazingly, it helps you to look good and fresh, yes, the whole day.

2. Lighten age spots

Hey, does this sound great to you or may be, skeptical to you?

By using lemon peel, it helps lighten age spots? Try it and you would know the answer. Simply apply a small piece to the affected area after you have cleansed your face and leave on for an hour.

3. Acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots

It is great for acne and pimples as it contains antioxidants which tend to detoxify the skin to a very great extent. What about wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots then? No problem! To your surprise, it helps, too.

4. Make a sugar scrub

Dream to have soft skin? Well, who doesn’t want right? Mix half a cup of sugar then with some finely chopped lemon peels and enough olive oil to make a paste. Wet your body in the shower, turn off the water and massage sugar mix all over your skin, enjoy such a “sweet and sour” scrubbing moment.

What’s next? Rinse, and you gonna be soft, I mean…your skin!

5. Bathe yourself in the shower and nourish your skin

So, you do have a bath tub at home?

Great! Soak the lemon peel which contains oils and nutrients in the tub, it not only emits the fragrant scent in the water but also nourish your skin at the same time. The rough skin on your hands, feet or other parts of your body will gradually become soft and smooth.

Well, for the reason of leaving your body and hair smelling fresh and clean, I wonder if you love this idea.

6. Use on your face.

Don’t have any skin problems? Congratulations! However, take care of your skin every now and then as I bet you heard the saying “prevention is better than cure”.

Lightly rubbed the lemon peels on your face for a nice skin tonic, then rinse. Be careful around your eyes though.

7. Anti-body odor

Suitable for everyone especially in summer, sprinkle a little natural “perfume” made ​​with the lemon peel, make your day fresh and energetic.

Cut the lemon peel in thin, rub it on your wrist and behind your ears with the moisture side, that’s it.

No more sweating smells even if you crowd yourself in the public transportation.

8. For armpit odor

I know this is such a great news for quite many of us…easy ingredient, easy to make, easy to apply, so let’s make it, yes, right now!

Lemon peel – 1 or 2 lemon’s peel

Glycerin – 20ml

Oil of Thyme – 1ml

Mix all the ingredients in the blender and keep the resultant mixture to remove armpit odor.

9. Nail whitener

Ok, I wouldn’t want to leave out the benefit for nails since the lemon peel does help to whiten our fingernails by simply rubbing with a lemon wedge. Easy, isn’t it?

10. Soften dry elbows

Use it to rub your elbows often, then rinse and dry it. You will definitely see the difference in no time. I use this quite often actually.

Great In House And Kitchen

1. Freshen up the house

Place lemon peels in a pan of low simmering water to freshen up the house. Easy huh?

2. Freshen up your fridge

Frankly, I have never known anyone who dislikes the lemon scent now and then? Me? Nope, triple sure that it will never be me, and that’s why it’s the top reason for me to keep the peels and place them inside my fridge to absorb smells and bring a bright lemon scent especially after the fridge is being cleaned.

3. Can deodorizer

Well, the economic way of keeping things smelling fresh, save your money from buying air freshener, throw a few lemon peels in the bottom of trash can, it helps to absorb odors, use this instead as it is natural with no harmful chemicals.

4. Sanitize your cutting board

Sanitize cutting board, doesn’t it sound wonderful? Yes, of course, the natural acidity of lemon provides great antibacterial properties, so rub the surface of your cutting board with the lemon peel after you have properly cleaned your cutting board and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it away. Yup, the nasty germs would have no choice but to go away.

5. Put them in the dishwasher

They naturally and effectively leave the dishwasher smelling fresh in between wash loads and the dishes smell divine too. So, if you do have a dishwasher, don’t forget to make use of the lemon peel.

6. Deodorize the garbage disposal

Use lemon peels to deodorize the garbage disposal (and make your kitchen smell awesome at the same time). It is a great way to finally dispose of spent lemon peels after you have used them for any of these applications.

7. Keep insects out

Many pests abhor certain fragrance of plants and so the acid in lemon. Cut the peels into small slices and place them along thresholds or any cracks or holes where pests are lurking about.

8. Make a scented humidifier

If your home suffers from dry heat in the winter, you can put lemon peels in a pot of water and simmer on the lowest stove-top setting to humidify and scent the air.

Hey, don't forget to leave some lemon peels in your garden...
Hey, don't forget to leave some lemon peels in your garden... | Source


1. Keep your compost pile smell fresh and clean

Now, what about the garden? Okay, if you do have a garden, here a good news to you…yes, it is a great addition to your compost pile. It will make the compost pile not only smell fresh but clean. What you need to do is simply chop the peels a little so as to help them to degrade faster.

2. Keep cats away

No, I don't think you welcome those fluffy digging or using your garden as a litter box. Don't worry, simply place around your garden some peels, that’s it.

3. Rub over the leaves of plants

Ok, rub them often if possible, it not only keeps the leaves fresh and shining but keep your cat away from the leaves, clear?

Save The Peel From Now On

Surprise enough huh for so many benefits that you never come across with?

Well, it will never be too late, from now on, keep in mind that when you squeeze a lemon next time, save the peel!

So, enjoy your lemon and make full use of its peel!

Do you always make use of lemon peels?

See results

© 2013 Injured lamb


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    • Injured lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Injured lamb 

      7 years ago

      Hi KenWu, glad to have you here to support me again, so you are just like my brother who loves to eat it raw huh? Appreciate much for dropping by again and leaving me your comment. Be blessed...with love...

    • KenWu profile image


      7 years ago from Malaysia

      Great post! You know what, some times ago I've tried eating the lemon peel raw and directly. It was crazy but I must tell that it tastes better than orange peel.

    • Injured lamb profile imageAUTHOR

      Injured lamb 

      7 years ago

      Thank you very much my dear Eddy, glad to have your warm and uplifting comment, it means a lot to blessed with love

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      Interesting and so useful; who would have thought that one fruit would have all these uses.

      Voting up and looking forward to many more now.



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