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Green tea does it have caffeine that create the same effect as in coffee?

Updated on September 2, 2012

Green tea has these unique ingredients that will act as stimulant to your heart and nervous system, and for our question whether green tea does it have caffeine?

Of course it does. These ingredients that green tea posses are closely related to caffeine, similar to those you can find in the cocoa plant.

What is green tea actually is? It is one type of tea that you can harvest but need to immediately store. You may need to either steaming or drying heat the fresh green tea leaves soon after you pick them to prevent oxidation.

When you first taste green tea you might think it is bitter and it has mild flavor.

Nevertheless to get the best taste to come out perfectly you need to choose the better quality first, and brewing them correctly. When you get high quality of green tea you may expect to experience this sweet and bitter taste, at the same time you may find it fruity and nutty.

Just like any other tea in general it has L-Theanine that makes you feel more relax which may counteract the caffeine effect it generates. Other good thing when you drink a cup of green tea in the morning simply because of high antioxidants level that it has.

Green tea caffeine vs coffee which one has higher impact?

In some cases you would not believe that certain types of green tea has as much caffeine content as coffee has. If you have insomnia disorder you might need to think twice before consuming any caffeine especially in the evening.

Therefore we might need to further exercise the green tea caffeine vs coffee options.

A single cup of coffee would have around one hundred milligram of caffeine, while the green tea will have about twenty-five milligram.

By looking at these numbers we all know that green tea have smaller amount of caffeine content in comparison to coffee.

It is good news for those who want to cut their caffeine intake, by simply drinking green tea instead of coffee.

After all-consuming too much caffeine may lead you to get sleeping disorder, irregular heart rate rhythms, more importantly avoid caffeine when you are taking any medication, because it will interact with some medicines in a bad way.

How to reduce green tea extract caffeine

If you want your green tea extract caffeine then it should not a problem, just pick any brand and you will be just fine.

However if you think of having green tea that has less caffeine then you may need to choose loose leaf green tea other than normal tea bag.

Another trick is choose the larger leaf, because the larger the leaf the less caffeine it has, and to do this you might need to go to specialty tea store that will let you too see the leaves before purchasing them.

If the larger leaf is hard to find, you may just brew a normal tea bag twice, just let the first brew go because it contain the most caffeine.

Finally, only consume the second brew, it may taste weaker but definitely less caffeine.

Avoiding green tea extract side effects

Another thing you maybe able to do to avoid green tea extract side effects, is to check the label and see if you can find a decaffeinated extract.

Other than that you are good to go, because green tea also famous for it lowering LDL cholesterol and protecting you from cardiovascular disease.

The extract also enhance HDL level, the good cholesterol, as well as reducing high blood pressure and blood sugar level.

Matcha green tea recipes

What is the different between mathca powder to other green tea? There are also some mathca green tea recipes that you should try. So what is matcha actually is? It is a green powdered tea and regularly use in traditional tea ceremony in Japan.

Basically matcha green tea production starts from younger tea leaves and steamed, dried, and store in a tea jar and leave it until a few months, then finely grounded to get the mathca powder, that you can use to make various matcha green tea recipes and dishes.

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    • greeneryday profile image

      greeneryday 5 years ago from Some tropical country

      Hello lindacee, thanks for stopping by, and yes I drink a cup of green tea in the morning, and always efreshing, not as strong as coffee, but it is enough to get me started...

    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 5 years ago from Arizona

      I don't know why I've always assumed that green tea contained no caffeine. That's what I get for assuming! That's really not important to me. I drink coffee and black tea (in moderation, of course). This is a Hub full of wonderful facts. I will try a cup of green tea in the morning! Thanks for sharing this information.