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Benefits of cantaloupe and beyond

Updated on September 2, 2012

Cantaloupe Picture


Juicy cantaloupe health benefits

There are many benefits of cantaloupe can offer as one of melon sub species and happen to be a family member of cucumber.

The fruit's will generally have striking dark yellow to orange color, even if you look at it from a distance you will notice the cut cantaloupe's color almost instantly, the inside color probably the main feature that set them apart from any other melon types.

The sweet tempting, watery and relaxing melon aroma are the main reason we cannot resist to grab a fresh bite of cantaloupe especially during hot summer time.

The following would be some from many cantaloupe health benefits that ever discovered.

Medical study has proved that consuming cantaloupe will counteract the effect of smoking. In every smoker there is a tendency that the person will suffer from Vitamin A deficiency.

Eating fresh cantaloupe will help to increase the body need of vitamin A and thus smokers would benefit from consuming them where the negative effect will automatically reversed.

In addition your lung will also get stronger and able to prevent from the risk of getting lung diseases. Cantaloupes have the beta carotene which when enter into your body will turn into Vitamin A.

Both nutrients are vital to healthy eyesight. Beta carotene is also believed to help preventing lung cancer. Another benefits of cantaloupe, they can help you to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The melon contain adenosine, and it has the ability to thinner blood, which mean reverse the effect of high blood pressure, where blood is thickening and may result in blood clotting within the cardiovascular system.

Another interesting nutrient that it has is the potassium content. When you eating potassium rich kind of food, it will helping you to get more relaxed, in other words it has the natural stress reducing effect, that will set you in a better mood, and be able to focus even more.


Nutrition facts cantaloupe can offer

Besides Vitamin A and beta carotene, cantaloupes are also well-known of its Vitamin C.

We all know that Vitamin C is one type of antioxidant and will work effectively in the water-soluble part of your body.

They are good in against free radical found in our body.

If there is high level of free radicals, then they are capable of destructing the cells, in the end will causes diseases and accelerate aging.

We all don’t want those bad things to happen don’t we?

Vitamin C also help to enhance, strengthen our immune system.

As have mentioned before, the orange melon has potassium, a type of mineral that conducts electricity inside the body with another minerals.

Potassium is important element in providing our muscle and heart to be able to contract normally.

How much calories in cantaloupe are there?

There is a downside of eating cantaloupe, after all nothing is perfect in this world.

The concentration of carbohydrates in the melon fruit tend to be higher, this happen because of relatively high of sugar content.

As we all know sugar is one of the main source for calories.

If you are going to have activities which involving a lot of movement such as exercising, jogging, and heavy lifting then eating cantaloupe would give you enough strength to carry out your goals.

Otherwise eating cantaloupe excessively would resulting the unused calories turning into fat stored in our body, not a good sight indeed.

How much calorie those cantaloupes have for each serving?

For one ounce or twenty-eight grams there will be around 10 calories.

There will be around 200 calories for each of medium-sized melon counted.


Growing cantaloupe melons

The orange cantaloupes have first introduced in Asia, Middle east, and Africa.

The Spain explorers, then brought it to America continent. Nowadays, Central America, USA, Iran, and Turkey are the major growers of cantaloupes and distributed worldwide.

The essential elements in growing cantaloupe melons is to first give them warm soil environment.

So it is best to plant the when the soil temperature reaches above 21 degree Celsius, or 70 Fahrenheit.

Other key points that you need to make sure there will be a lot of moisture, heat, and direct sun-light. You may need plastic cover on top of the soil to accelerate the warming process.

Water supply would be another important part, since the soil must be kept moist at all time. You may expect to harvest them within 100 days after the seed begin to grow.


More cantaloupe facts

Before cutting freshly picked cantaloupe make sure to wash it first, as it may taking bacteria with them.

The cut is best to wrapped before refrigerating, this way you can stop ethylene gas to radiate and effecting the other vegetables and fruits nearby. Enjoy!



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      stars439, Yes they are indeed delicious and beneficial too, glad that you enjoy reading this hub..

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      Wow this is great. We love them, and enjoy them. GBY.

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      Interesting history of the fruit. Enjoyed the hub.