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100 Cheers! Have A Sweet Beer On Me

Updated on February 4, 2013

Beers Galore

I like the smell of beer. But cannot stand the bitter taste of the beers available in my country, India. I like the beers to be sweet. I searched here with the term 'sweet beer' and couldn't find any articles on sweet beers. There were articles on how to make beer at home, beer recipes, beer diet, beer trivia, etc. So I set out to find if any are available anywhere in the world. The find is quite interesting. There are so many varieties of beers available. Its just awesome.

Its amazing, the wide varieties of beer offered by different breweries around the world. I have selected only 10 which I found interesting.

Incidentally, this is my 100th hub. I just can't really believe it. When I joined here around 28 weeks ago, I never thought that I will be around for this long or I will reach the 100 mark etc. I posted my 99th two days ago and it was very tempting for me to post a round up of my previous articles and reach that coveted(for me, of course) threshold of 100 hubs mark and the 'All Star' status.

Then I thought it will not make a quality hub and the readers won't really care whether its my first or thousandth if it is not interesting enough for them. I have two reasons to publish this hub. I wanted to share my findings from my search of sweet beers with you. And the word 'Hub' rhymes with 'Pub' where they serve beer. So, I decided that there is no better occasion to publish this one.

I also would like to express my gratitude to my fellow hubbers who visited my hubs for almost 100,000 times and the magnificent hub team who really made it possible for me to publish these many, and always helped me when in doubt.

So, A Hundred Cheers To All Of You! Have A Beer On Me Today!! Select From The Menu Card Below!!!

Astugi's Imperial Chocolate Stout
Astugi's Imperial Chocolate Stout

Chocolate Beer

Even in this category, I found many mind boggling varieties. Most of them are limited editions which will be available only during particular time of the year.

A few I would like to mention are Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock, Purdy's Double Chocolate and the Japanese Astugi's Imperial Chocolate Stout.

While most of the chocolate beers do not contain any chocolate or even cocoa, Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock is slowly aged on a bed of rich chocolate that is specially blended by the chocolatiers at Scharffen Berger Chocolate.

In Astugi's beer malt is roasted at a very high temperature to create the chocolate flavor and darker body and contains nearly 9 per cent alcohol. It costs around 630 yen per bottle and is available only in Japan.

And there are raspberry beers, blackberry beers, pumpkin beer, cherry beer, etc. Framboise Lambic Ale is a Belgian raspberry beer which is very sweet and has an alcohol content similar to wines.

The Laughter Beer

I like to laugh a lot. So the title 'laughing beer' caught my attention. Some people claimed that certain Israeli Chemical engineers managed to find a way to infuse nitrous oxide into an imported Czech beer. According to them, the Hebrew tabloid 'Yedioth Ahronoth' reported that once they get the patent for beer they will start selling it. It seems that the nitrous oxide present in the beer will cause the drinkers to laugh. However I could not find any reference that substantiate their claim. Most likely a prank news made just for fun. If ever you come across the laughing beer order one for me.

Tutankhamun Ale
Tutankhamun Ale

Tutankhamen Ale

Earlier in 1996, 'Courage', a Scottish and Newcastle brewery used emmer wheat, an ancient wheat grown by the Egyptians, and coriander, to reconstructed an ancient recipe found in the Sun Temple of Queen Nefertiti by archeologists of Cambridge university. They said they had raw materials for only 1,000 bottles of the beer. The first bottle sold in England for about $7,200. Certainly, Tutankhamen Ale must be one of the most expensive beer ever made.

Old Kingdom Beer

In 2002, Kirin Brewery, Japan used a 4400 year old recipe from Egyptian hieroglyphics, which they claim is a brew fit for Pharoahs. Sadly, it is only made for research purpose and not for sale to the public. This beer is called 'The Old Kingdom Beer' and contains 10% alcohol and tastes a little like white wine, according to a company spokesman.


You guessed it right. Its a new drink on sale in Japan, with milk as an active ingredient in beer. Abashiri Brewery, Hokkaido sells this beer with a fruity taste for about 3.15 $ per bottle. I must say that they have found a very innovative way to make use of their surplus milk. One third of Bilk is milk!.

The process is similar to making normal beer, but the brewery had to take extra care during the boiling process so that the milk won't boil over. As you know milk has a low boiling point. It has the same color as normal beers and smells like tea with milk once the fermentation process is finished and the drink is cooled.

Certainly I would not want to try this one even if I get one for free. Any takers?

Pizza Beer

Tom and Athena Seefurth of Campton Township, Illinois, USA claims that Mamma Mia Pizza Beer is the world's first culinary beer. Totally made from a variety of vegetables, this beer carries a strong aroma of Italian spices.

Tom says... "The Margarita pizza is put into the mash & steeped like a tea bag. A whole wheat crust made with water, flour & yeast is topped with tomato, oregano, basil & garlic. The essence of the pizza spices is washed off with hot water and filtered into a brew pot, where it is boiled for a long, long time. During the process, we add hops & spices in a cheesecloth type bag & filter the cooled liquid into a fermentation vessel. (big glass 6 gallon water jug). After a week or two, the beer is good to go. Keg it or bottle it"

Samuel Adams Utopia
Samuel Adams Utopia

Utopias And Vieille Bon Secours

Samuel Adams Utopias are a limited edition beer with an alcohol content of 25 per cent. It certainly must be the strongest beer in the world. It comes in a copper bottles shaped like a brew kettle and is one of the most expensive beers around. The production is limited to 8000 bottles an year.

However, Vieille Bon Secours which is served only in a bar called the Bierdrome in London is the costliest of them all with a price tag of nearly a thousand dollars per bottle. I really wonder why this beer is so prohibitively expensive and how they manufacture it.


Bière de Champagne Or Champagne Beer

This is one of the latest and interesting styles of beers. Primarily brewed in Belgium, it goes through a lengthy process of maturation. This genre of beers comes in 750 ml champagne style corked bottles. These beers aim to bridge the gap between those who prefer beer and those who loves wine or champagne. These types of beers usually have an alcohol content between 10 and 14 per cent and in the price range of 11$ to 16$. Krait Prestige Champagne Lager and Deus belong to the Champagne Beer category. I wonder what it tastes like.

I am sure there must be a lot of exotic and interesting varieties and brands of beers around the world. Perhaps I will do a hub on them when I reach my next mile stone.

I have tasted none of the drinks mentioned in this Hub. So when you order, order one for me too. Have fun. A HUNDRED CHEERS TO YOU!

PS: Design tips from Paul and Paraglider helped in making this hub. Thank you.

Best Regards

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    • profile image

      Andreas 5 years ago

      I"m not jumping up and down about any of these suggestions.

      I think I'm giving up on beer. I hate that sour, yeasty, bitter bite. Why do people put themselves thru all that?

    • PGage35 profile image

      PGage35 7 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      Great Hub... All we need now is some sexy beer girls:)

    • Beer Lover profile image

      Beer Lover 7 years ago

      What a great hub. Its sat afternoon and I think I will have a beer!!

    • Shirley Anderson profile image

      Shirley Anderson 8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      SunSeven, I like beer, but some of these sound gross to me. Still, they are so funky and unusual, one would have to at least try a sip.

      Great, as always, and it was a year ago that you wrote this's now your second anniversary.

      I'll tip my glass with Guidebaba's and say, Cheers!!!

    • esocial profile image

      esocial 9 years ago from California

      OMG - there's a PIZZA flavored beer? Eww!

      Great hub, I got a real kick out of it!

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