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Best Paying Health Care Jobs in the USA

Updated on March 13, 2013

Highly Paying Health Care Jobs in US

There has been a great recession in the US market and due to this downturn, the rate of unemployment were higher. However, according to some recent surveys the current unemployment rates have reduced from 11.8% to 9.70%,thereby providing more flexibility to all those who have been seeking jobs. The new candidates with graduate degrees and some experience in different fields can easily apply for several highly paying jobs. These days, there are numerous openings available for best paying jobs and if candidates really have the capability, they can easily apply for the same.

Usually,when it comes to all highly paying jobs, most of the people start taking CEO jobs into consideration, but there are many other alternatives for fresh candidates which can really prove to be of great assistance to them. Talking of the best paying sector, health care is a section which has become quite popular,these days. Medicine and health care sector has proven to be one of the best paid sectors according to the government, which offers good salaries and high bonuses. Some of these fields include:

Statue of Liberty, NY, USA
Statue of Liberty, NY, USA

Thoracic Surgeons

Thoracic surgeons deal with surgery of esophagus, lungs, heart and other organs in the Chest area. In this sector, general qualifications include graduation from a medical school and a five year general surgery residency. Thoracic surgeons need some additional training in a specialized area also, but in some cases, it can be optional as well. This is a well paid sector where candidates can easily get paid around $210,000.


Orthodontist is a dental specialist who deals with misaligned teeth, jaw related problems and other cosmetic dentistry relating cases. People who face problems while chewing and speaking usually consult Orthodontists. If a person is a member of American Association of Orthodontists and specializes in the field,he can effortlessly apply for this highly paying job. Specialty Certificate and additional training in the same field carries a lot of importance, when people are applying for this designation. If they fulfil all these requirements, they can easily earn a good amount ranging from $ 195,000 to $200,000.

Exciting careers in Health care

General Internists

The physicians who specialize in analysis and treatment of internal organs and other complexities within organs like stomach, kidney and liver are referred to asGeneral Internists. The candidates who wish to apply in hospitals for this post must be familiar with different diagnostic techniques which are generally used for treating the patients. General Internists include two kinds of degrees namely Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and candidates with either of these degrees can easily apply for this post. This sector offers handsome amount of salary of nearly $175,000.


This field also requires specialization in one of the specific fields in dentistry. If the experience of the candidates in practicing is good, they can easily apply in different renowned hospitals and health care centers. Dental degree, diagnostic insight and capability to provide oral health solutions to the patients can help people to earn handsome salaries. From imperfect teeth to natural decay, Prosthodontists need to deal with different aspects and provide excellent treatment to the patients. One can easily expect a good salary within $168,000 to $170,000.

Family and General Practitioners

The job of family and general practitioners include various responsibilities like administering health programs and standards in hospitals, preparing reports for government regarding birth, disease and death statistics and advising patients about healthy diet, hygiene and prevention from diseases. Some family and general practitioners even administer treatments, therapies and medications of the patients in order to analyze them properly and provide them effectual treatments. Candidates applying for this post can easily earn up to $160,000.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

This field involves surgery and treatment of both hard and soft tissues of maxillofacial regions. In case of dental implants, reconstruction of jaw, facial cyst and kind of tumor diagnosis, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are consulted. The candidates applying for this job can easily earn around $190,000.

Numerous websites allow people to easily search job options that earns good salaries. There are websites where candidates can upload and update their resume and all the required details. These websites often act as consultants and or recruitment agencies.

Sometimes multi-national companies announce vacancies through their own websites. Most these companies allow people to directly upload their resume to the sites. These days, looking for some of the highly paid jobs is not a difficult task, as the Internet provides great assistance. So, if you also wish to have a thriving career, just keep these guidelines in mind and try for the highly paying jobs in United States.


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