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High Paying Hot Jobs in Japan

Updated on April 5, 2013

Hot Jobs in Japan

Everyone wishes to have a bright future and this is possible only if one has a good paying job. Usually, when it comes to jobs, most people have a conception of moving out of their home country and get a higher paying overseas job. Well, if a candidate has a degree, certification of an extra course or two and some prior experience in a particular field, then he can easily apply for highly paying jobs in developed countries like Japan. According to the latest UNDP report on Human Development, Japan is the tenth best country to live and work. The other top countries are Norway(1), Australia, Canada(4), United States(13), New Zealand(20), UK(21), and Singapore(23). Malaysia, Dubai, Philippines, and India are some other popular travel destination for overseas job seekers.

Japan and Employment

Japan is an island country that has lots to offer to all those deserving candidates from other nations and wish to settle there. Previously, recession in the market did not affect the Japanese economy greatly, but the employment rate decreased to some extent. However, currently the employment rate has improved, and more job opportunities are available for the candidates to have a secured future on their professional front. Japan is a country that has always been supporting those candidates who are not only hard working and proficient in their fields, but are also capable of handling greater responsibilities.

Tokyo Skyline, Japan
Tokyo Skyline, Japan

Employment Sectors in Japan

There are numerous employment sectors where people can easily apply. They need not stick to any particular organization and if they are really capable, nothing can stop them from having a brighter career prospect. There are different sectors namely executive, IT, engineering, finance, consulting, marketing, hospitality and even government jobs to name a few. If a candidate is a fresher, then he may need to make better efforts as compared to those who already have some prior experience in the same field.


Highly Paying Jobs in Japan

Beginning with some average choices, TV talent is something where people can easily start at $9,000 and so on. These days, the popularity of talent programs is increasing greatly and candidates can participate in different game shows and other reality programs. If people want to begin with their career in this field, then reality show can work as a good platform for them.

If one is involved in the profession of an artist, one can effortlessly start with $50,000 p.a. If candidates are well versed in their field, have prior experience and have the ability in them, they can even earn much more than this expected figure. Candidates can even get great offers from editor-in-chief of various newspapers and magazines and get highly paid for the skills.

One of the most dangerous jobs includes stuntmen, but people involved in this profession earn handsome amounts starting from $20,000 and above. Some directors and producers even pay higher than this figure for more dangerous stunts. However, if people are taking this line of work professionally, they need to be well trained in various aerobatics, aerial tricks and other kinds of stunts in order to get highly paid.

If a person is a professional chef and has good experience of preparing different kinds of cuisines, then Japanese market has a lot to offer. There are numerous hotels, restaurants and resorts where people can easily find vacancy for the same. Some of the renowned names in the market have been paying around $70,000 to the professional chefs and if a person is an expert in this field, he can easily earn a greater figure as a starting amount.

Food and Cuisine always offer great opportunities to the people and if one owns a shop in Japan and prepares scrumptious cuisines, one can simply take home $100,000 and above. The figure greatly depends on the quality of food that people present to their customers. Apart from these alternatives, real estate is a line of work that includes enormous profits and if candidates really wish to make money, they can go in for the post of real estate agents. This profession has proven to be of a great assistance to the candidates seeking job in the similar field and is still allowing them to bring in more income.

Job Search and Websites

Job Portals have always been of great assistance to the candidates and these days, they have become quite popular among the people. Now, people need not search for jobs every time, as these facilitating options allow them to stay updated. One just needs to upload the CV at the website and have the benefit of receiving latest updates in the form of E-mails.

Researching Online

Prior to making any decision in respect to jobs, it is always fruitful to perform good research. If candidates devote some time in researching various options that are accessible in the market, they might be able to apply for a job that can pay much better than any other alternative. Moreover, if one easily gets familiar with such an option, he might not require uploading the resume at a job portal. By doing some good research, people have the benefit of applying with a reputed organization and they can even update their CV directly at the organization’s website. So, freely browse the websites and find the best job options in the market.


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    • profile image

      Shadocx 4 years ago

      Thanks a lot for this hub, I want badly move to Japan.

    • mydubstepstudio profile image

      Paul Perry 4 years ago from Los Angeles

      wow super interesting! I have always wanted to move to japan and will be bookmarking this for my reference thank you!

    • profile image

      TOmmy 7 years ago

      Great hub on Japan and employment.

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      I always thought "average stuntmen" get paid a lot more than $20k / year. Oh well. thanks for the info

    • DanJ profile image

      DanJ 7 years ago

      Great post, Got me wanting to move there already. lol