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Hemp Reusable Cone Coffee Filter

Updated on July 23, 2015

Better coffee and better for the environment

I made a mistake the other day when I bought a plastic mesh reusable coffee filter. When I bought it on Amazon I thought I was on to a sure thing - it would save me money and it would help the environment because I would no longer be using paper coffee filters. It all sounds great in theory but the only problem was it didn't make a very good cup of coffee.

I scratched my head at first. I thought I must have done something wrong so I tried again. The second attempt at a good cup of coffee was no better than the last.

So I sought out an explanation on the internet. Within 5 minutes google had provided the answer. The holes on my new reusable coffee filter were just too big. That is why so many people stick with disposable paper coffee filters. The holes are tiny in paper and the coffee and water mix slowly drains into the cup. The hot water has much longer to absorb the taste of the coffee grinds.

So once I understood the theory, I went back to amazon to look for a better solution. Within minutes I had it - a hemp reusable coffee cone filter. Brilliant and only $4.99. My first cup of coffee using it tasted just as good as when I used paper coffee filters. It is easy to wash and re-use. So I had achieved my goal - I had found a reusable coffee filter that made a cup of coffee as satisfying as a cup made with a paper coffee filter.

Now I save money and I no longer contribute to the sense chopping down of trees to make paper coffee filters.

My only problem now is what to do with the plastic coffee filter I bought before discovering the hemp coffee cone filter

Hemp Reusable Coffee Cone Filter

Hemp makes a better coffee filter than plastic or metal mesh.
Hemp makes a better coffee filter than plastic or metal mesh.


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