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Eimann Fabrik VOC Free Engine Degreaser

Updated on February 12, 2018

'Low VOC', 'zero VOC' and 'VOC free' are new buzz phrases in the green blogosphere that have yet to be come fully mainstream. Most commonly the appellations are given to paints, adhesives, varnishes and paint strippers to denote products that are nearly free of toxicity caused by VOCs.

What is a VOC?

It's a acronym that means 'volatile organic compound'. There is no one body or institution regulating the exact definition of VOCs. For example, according to some methane is a VOC, while for others it belongs in a separate category. However, generally speaking VOCs are organic compounds that easily vaporize or off-gas. Not always, but often they smell strongly and hence are sometimes called 'aroma compounds'.

There are a wide variety of VOCs. Some are more toxic to people and animals than others; but one thing is agreed upon nowadays, and that is that VOCs are bad. And unfortunately, VOCs are found in so many everyday products: in paints, nail polish, permanent markers, automobile fumes, varnishes, adhesives, refridgerants, solvents, dry cleaning agents, aerosol sprays, disinfectants, moth repellents, air fresheners and photocopy machines. To name but a handful.

VOCs get in the atmosphere and pollute. They poison water supplies, they cause deforestation, they cause smog and crop loss and add to ground level ozone. VOCs are an environmental nightmare.

Sick Building Syndrome is caused by VOCs. The windows are sealed and the concentration of VOCs per million or per billion increases in the atmosphere until workers start experiencing irritated throat, nose and eyes. They feel nausea and dizziness; and if exposure to VOCs is severe enough serious respiratory problems can develop.

Several states in the USA are already enacting legislation to lower VOC levels in indoor spaces because they are getting dangerously high. It has been found that children exposed to VOCs in significant parts per million can develop allergies. VOCs also promote asthma attacks. So check that that new crib you bought and the new changing table you bought was made with low or zero VOC adhesives and painted with zero or low VOC paint.

There are a lot of VOCs to be on the look out for. Here is a short list of the most common and the most toxic.

  • Benzene

Benzene is found in tobacco smoke, stored fuel and car emissions. It is a proven carcinogen.

  • Formaldehyde

This is found in a range of products such as adhesives and furniture varnishes. Formaldehyde causes allergies in kids and for kids and adults respiratory problems. There are a few zero VOC adhesives now available. Unfortunately, there isn't a strand woven bamboo flooring made with zero VOCs but Bamboo Mountain has a formaldehyde free fuse strand woven bamboo flooring.

  • Methylene Chloride

This is really dangerous. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends you keep any products containing methylene chloride well away from your usual living areas. It is commonly found in paint strippers.

  • Percholorethylene

Like methylene chloride, percholorethylene is rated as highly toxic by the EPA. It is found in newly dry cleaned fabrics.

And now you are thinking what do engine degreasers normally contain?

Well strangely enough, the normal engine degreaser contains the same chemicals as regular shampoos. That is sodium laureth and lauryl sulphate. These chemicals are irritants that cause rashes and if they enter the bloodstream they cause hair loss, cancer and infertility.

Eimann Fabrik VOC Free Engine Degreaser uses a state of the art non-ionic surfactant that means no VOCs are present. Yet Eimann Fabrik's VOC free engine degreaser can remove the toughest dirt, grime, grease and oil from a car engine. This is the perfect degreaser for a daddy that doesn't fancy risking losing his hair and ability to make more children every time he has to clean the car engine.

Eimann Fabrik VOC Free Engine Degreaser can be used to clean vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum and rubber. It is totally safe to inhale. It contains no harsh chemicals or chlorinated solvents. It is so eco and person friendly that you can use it to clean your hands.

Buy Eimann Engine Degreaser on Amazon

Eimann Fabrik VOC Free Engine Degreaser 32oz
Eimann Fabrik VOC Free Engine Degreaser 32oz

Eimann Fabrik VOC Free Engine Degreaser is the most environmentally friendly engine degreaser on the market.



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    • smartcontentz profile image

      smartcontentz 7 years ago from Japan

      Carpet often has VOCs in the backing and carpets are breeding grounds for dust mites which are a common trigger for allergic rhinitis.

      The main thing to remember with VOCs is that they off-gas. This means old furniture and flooring generally doesn't have any health risk because the VOCs have finished off-gassing. With new products, even low VOC products check how much VOCs it contains and look at government recommendations (such as the US EPA) for acceptable levels of VOCs.

      You should be alright with strand woven bamboo flooring unless your allergies are really severe. Plus strand woven bamboo flooring is anti-microbial which should help your allergies.

    • profile image

      neil 7 years ago

      so we are floor shopping and fall in love with this strand bamboo product. it is formalmahyde free. I read this article and go yikes "is this good to have in my home? does it make allergies worse? i currently have 10 year old carpet. this is worse