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How to buy Clams?

Updated on March 10, 2010
how to buy fresh clams
how to buy fresh clams

Delicious Seafood - Clams

Clams come in a variety of sizes and shapes and many people wonder how to buy fresh clams from seafood store. There are over 2000 varieties of clams and people enjoy clams as a delicious seafood item. There are two main types of clams: hard shell and soft shell clams. Quahog clam, Littleneck clam, CherryStone clam, Pisto Clam and butter clam are some of the edible varieties of clams. Read on to find some useful tips on how to buy clams and feel free to add your opinions and suggestions in the comment box below.


Technique to buy clams:

Clams seafood
Clams seafood

Tips on how to buy clams

 Decide if you want to buy hard shell or soft shell clam. Hard shell clams are usually used in stews and chowders and soups. When buying clams, make sure they are live clams. How do you know if they are live clams? Clams should be closed which means they are alive. If it is open, tap on it and see if it closes. If the clam stays open, they are dead and you should discard them. Never buy clams that have cracks on them.

After buying clams from your favorite seafood store, bring them home and clean the clams well with running water. The seafood store may already have purged the clams as you do not want sand on the clams. Wash them thoroughly using a hard brush and scrape off all the sand from the clams.

When buying clams, you look for closed ones. It is the opposite when you actually cook the clams. If the clams don't open when u cook them, toss them out.

How to store clams?
Bring clams from the seafood store, put them in a bowl, do not submerge them in water, just cover them with a damp towel and they will stay in the refrigerator that way.  Enjoy your clams with your favorite clam recipes.

In May 2009, Cape Ann area in Massachusetts had been closed to the taking of all bivalve shellfish for about a week because of the toxic algae bloom. A ban on soft shell clams and razor clams harvesting in some parts of Massachusetts coastline has been lifted. The area still remains closed to the harvesting of blue mussels, surf clams, carnivorous snails and whole sea scallops.

Delicious Clams recipe

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