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How to make cake layers even

Updated on May 27, 2012

How to make cake layers even

Uneven Sheet Cake- A good trick is to make it rise evenly. Place a metal cake decor tip in the middle of the cake pan. Make sure to grease it well before using it on the cake pan. When the cake is baked, there will be a small hole that can be easily filled. This will let you avoid huge hole from using a heating core.

Here is an old trick: Find an old terry towel (a clean one) and make sure it is as long as the pan, but leave a little extra inches. Fold the cloth in thirds, making a two inch strip. Then sew down the middle. Next, wet the towel and squeeze to get rid of the water, then resize it to the outer pan. Use pins and secure the ends. The cloth will come out unharmed, and the cake will rise evenly.

Baking any cake evenly:

When your cake mix is done, pour it into the cake pans. Place them in the oven and bake. The pans should be placed in the middle of the oven rack to make sure all the sides are evenly heated.

When they are done baking, take them out and see if the cake is even. Place the layers side by side and judge if they are even with one another. When the cake is uneven flip them upside down, and the place them on top of one another.

With a long, sharp knife, cut off the excess part that is higher. After, turn them right side up, and put the bottoms together. You should now have an even cake. Just go back and trim off more if it is still not even.

Use extra cake frosting to fill in any uneven dips in your cake. Decorate your cake and make sure to cover any deformities from your cutting.

Use a cake leveler:

Here is a handy toll to help you even your cake layers. It easy t use! Adjust the wire in notches to the height you see fit and slowly level the cake. It can also be used for frosting your cake!

Here is a link from Amazon:

cake leveler

Uneven Torted Cake:

First, using a toothpick, mark a low point surrounding the top rim of your cake. Measure this point and mark it the places with the same height using a toothpick. Slice through the toothpicks using your knife blade and cut all the way through to make an even top.

Then, repeat this method, measuring half of the height of the previously trimmed cake layer. Mark the points with toothpicks and cut with your knife.

Another method is level and split the layer then fill them in between. After, wrap the torted cake and refrigerate overnight. The next day, crumb and top coat your torted cake. Trim the excess you from your cake since they are visible because they have been firm overnight. Frost them and decorate your cake without the pesky uneven seams.


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    • Florida Guy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you so much! And glad to hear that my hubs are giving you inspiration to start baking again. Looking forward to see hubs of your own recipe!

    • Chatkath profile image


      7 years ago from California

      Good Job, I used to love baking so much-your hubs are giving me a much needed boost back into that kitchen! Thanks for such great Hubs.


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