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Buy Patak's Massalas and Pastes For Curry Ingredient

Updated on March 3, 2014

Patak's is a famous name worldwide, for it's massalas and pastes. They were a family who moved from Kenya to UK in 1956 and at that time were called 'Pathak'. They opened their first shop in Drummond Street, London selling Indian ingredients in 1958, then in 1962 the brand name Patak's was born after dropping the 'H'.

Patak's has many massalas and pastes for the ease of making all sorts of curries and snacks. Patak's have the worlds largest Indian food factory in Leigh, Lancashire.

List of products

  • Balti paste
  • Biriyani paste
  • Bhuna paste
  • Tandoori paste
  • Kashmiri Massala
  • Kebab paste
  • Curry paste
  • Garam massala paste

And the list goes on... as you can see on the right!

Patak's Means Quality

Nearly all Indian restaurants use the Patak's brand to make quality curries and snacks. I have always used Patak's at home and recommended it to all catering businesses i have worked in. No other company can beat the quality and taste of Patak's.

If you try it yourself you will know what i mean. Patak's use their own secret family recipe, and are made from authentic, specially selected ingredients preserved in oil.

When you use the pastes for curries, they create a mouthwatering flavour and the aroma makes the curry irresistable.

If you cook your curries at home, you may already know what Patak's pastes do for you, if you already use them. If not, then what are you waiting for?

Don't know where to get hold of these pastes? Well, as you can see on the right hand side of this article in the blue background, you can buy them from Amazon.

Tasty Pickles From Patak's

You may have already guessed that i love to have pickles with my curries, and it always has to be Patak's. They make the best quality pickles and pastes, there's none who can come close to them. My favourite pickles are:

  • Lime pickle (hot and spicy, slightly bitter, but fantastic with any meat dishes)
  • Mango pickle (tangy pieces of mango, very nice!)
  • Mixed pickle (my favourite, mixed vegetables with mild spices)
  • Garlic pickle (lots of garlic, with aromatic spices)
  • Brinjal pickle (very tasty, and sweet and spicy)

My fridge has every one of the pickles listed above, because i eat the one i have the taste for at the time of eating. Try them for yourself, i'm sure you will enjoy them. Why don't you stock up too?


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