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Wedding Cakes

Updated on August 17, 2009

One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is the selection of the wedding cake. Wedding cakes are often the centerpiece of the reception and they tend to carry on the theme of the wedding or the wedding colors just like the wedding table decorations. Most people take wedding cake pictures because the cake is sitting out for everyone to see before and during the reception. Wedding cakes pictures also usually include several of the bride and groom cutting the cake. The wedding cake is a very important part of the wedding celebration. Many wedding planners actually claim that the very first thing that any couple should decide on when planning their wedding is the cake. Once you pick the cake then the rest of the wedding can fall into place.For example, the wedding album designs can be based on the color scheme and shape of your wedding cake.

Because the wedding cakes are a representation of the theme of the wedding there are many parts of the wedding cake that you need to consider carefully.  Wedding cake designs are sometimes quite intricate.  In addition to the design and decoration of your wedding cake you also need to consider the flavor of cake and icing.  Wedding cake flavors vary as widely as the tastes of people.  Common cake flavors are classic yellow butter and chocolate, but can be as exotic as gingerbread spice o banana.  The icing for wedding cakes can also vary.  Some wedding cakes use regular cake frosting while others use what is called fondant icing.  This is the type of wedding cake icing that gives a very smooth look like in the picture above.

Wedding Cake Accessories

Some wedding cakes are simply tiered cakes where each tier sits on top of the next and they are decorated with icing only. But, it is very common to use other accessories in the construction of a wedding cake. Some common accoutrements are wedding cake toppers, wedding cake stands, and wedding cake decorations. The wedding cake topper is typically a small bride and groom, but you can have fun with this element It is common to see wedding cake toppers that resemble the actual bride and groom. For example, I once saw a wedding cake topper where the groom was very tall and skinny and the bride was short and plump which mimicked the actual participants in the wedding.  Another common wedding cake toppers is a wedding band.

The wedding cake stand is something used to create more elaborate wedding cake designs. The stand can help make tiers higher and put spaces in between certain tires. It can create the effect of a staircase where each tier is higher and farther to one side than the one underneath it. Wedding cake stands can also be very simple. They can consist of a simple board that raises the cake off of the table slightly so it looks nicer for pictures. You can cover the board with different color linen than the table to create more decoration or a better effect.

In addition to icing decorations, wedding cakes can be decorated with real flowers, real fruit, plastic fruit, miniature figurines or any plastic decoration that goes along with the theme. I once saw a wedding cake that had icing on it that looked like a race track and little miniature race cars running along the track because the bride and groom were big fans of car racing. The decorations for your wedding cake can be anything you want.

If you are looking for an original idea for your wedding cake then you might want to consider a wedding cupcake tower. This is something relatively new that has come on to the scene since the cupcake phenomenon has become big. You can create a cake that is made out of cupcakes so that it looks like a regular cake when it is covered with icing, but when you go the serve it you break off the cupcakes rather than cutting a piece of cake. Wedding cupcakes give you the flexibility to have many different flavors of cake and are also a novelty.

Of course, wedding cakes prices run along a great spectrum. If you want a simple sheet cake then it could be less than $100. But if you have a multiple tiered cake creation with lots of decorations and real flowers or real fruit in the decorations then you could spend more than $1,000 easily. You need to decide on a wedding cake budget before you start looking so that you do not fall in love with a theme or concept that is out of your reach. If you go into a bakery with a number in mind they can help steer you towards wedding cakes in your price range.


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