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Wedding Table Decorations

Updated on August 17, 2009

When planning a wedding there are so many details to remember and plan that it can be a little overwhelming.  It can be tempting to just pick the easiest solution to some decisions that come up.  For example, when you have to decide on your wedding table decorations it might be easiest to just let the florist come up with something.  However, that could be very expensive and not very interesting.  There are many things that you can do yourself to make great looking wedding reception table decorations.  Of course, that does not mean that you should not use flowers or the talents of your florist.  You can still incorporate flowers into your wedding table decoration, but a little bit of planning and direction on your part can really help save money.  This article will try to give you tips and suggestions on how to have table decorations for weddings that you and your guests will remember fondly for years to come.

When planning wedding table décor you need to keep a few things in mind. First, you probably want to carry through any theme or color scheme that you have chosen for your wedding ceremony or other wedding features like the wedding cake toppers or wedding cake itself. If the church or ceremony venue was decorated with autumn colors and theme then you should try to decorate your wedding tables the same way. When coming up with wedding table decoration ideas try to be consistent with the rest of the affair. If you are having a black tie wedding celebration then try to keep your table decorations classy and formal as well. However, if your wedding is a casual event then do not hesitate to have fun with your wedding table centerpieces. Another thing to keep in mind is the venue. If your wedding reception is outdoors then you do not want decorations that could blow away in the wind or cause too much glare. If your reception hall has small round tables then you will decorate them one way, but if you are using several long tables, you will want to decorate them in a completely different way.

In general, it is important to keep the wedding reception table decorations simple and if anything, understated.  Less is definitely more in this arena.  If you try to get too involved then you could end up with too many things on the table and your guests will not have enough room to eat their meal comfortably.  The wedding centerpieces should be attractive enough that they get the guests’ attention, but you do not want them to inhibit conversation at the table.  Try to keep them small enough so that guests can see each other over the top or underneath.  That’s right, you can have floral arrangements in high vases where the flowers are higher than anyone’s head when seated at the table and they do not get in the way when guests are eating or conversing.  It might be interesting to vary the height of the arrangements from table to table.  A variety of layers will make the room more interesting.

Flowers are the most traditional wedding centerpiece ingredient followed closely by candles.  If you choose to use flowers in your wedding table decorations, do not feel that they need to be fresh flowers.  Silk flowers can be just as beautiful if arranged properly and much less expensive.  You can ask your florist to use fake flowers or you could make the arrangements yourself.  Another way to save money of floral wedding table decorations is to use the bridesmaid and bridal bouquets to decorate your wedding reception tables.  Candles are an easy way to make any table look elegant.  You can use anything from large candelabras, to tea lights, to twinkle lights draped around the edges of the table.  You can float candles in bowls of water or place them on mirrors to increase their appeal.  In addition, do not forget the tablecloths.  Sometimes choosing colors for your tablecloths that compliment the bridesmaids’ dresses or accentuate your floral arrangements can have a dramatic effect.

If you are thinking of ideas for wedding table decorations to make, you can incorporate things like fruit and vegetables.  For my sister’s October wedding, I went to the dollar store, found attractive wicker baskets, and filled them halfway with tissue paper.  Then I filled the top with different colored apples and pears.  I tied a bow with an orange and red ribbon I found at Michael’s on each handle and had an instant wedding table centerpiece.  The centerpieces were then favors for the guests to take home at the end of the evening.  Other favors can help to decorate your wedding tables.  At my own wedding, I had small wallet sized picture frames that were place card holders at each seat.  The antique looking frames were a lovely table decoration.  If your wedding has no special theme then you can just tie candy up with small circles of tulle and tie each closed with a replica gold wedding band to represent the occasion you are celebrating.

If you go to any party supply store, you can get balloons and small items to sprinkle on tabletops.  You can sprinkle glitter or confetti if your wedding is less formal and you want to promote a theme.  For example, at a beach themed wedding I attended they had confetti shaped like beach balls, shovels, sand castles, and sunglasses on the tables.  Classier sprinklers are fall leaves or flower petals.  Just do not go overboard with the sprinkling.  You do not want people finding confetti or glitter in their food or drink.  You should avoid sprinkling like this if you are having an outdoor reception because it will blow around and make a large mess.  Sprinklers make great souvenirs to put in personalized wedding albums or scrapbooks.

One final thing to think about when designing your wedding table decorations is that there are many different tables that you need to decorate at the reception, not just the guest tables.  In addition to the seating for your guests, there could be any combination of the following: the head table, a sweetheart table, the cake table, the grooms table, the buffet table, the signing table, the gift table, and the DJ booth.  Not all of these tables have to be decorated my any means.  I did not decorate my gift table at all.  I just let the gifts be their own decoration.  The cake table can have a small amount of decoration if you wish, but not if it over powers the cake.  You want the desert to be the focus at that table.  Just do what you think looks good and what you can afford.


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    • eventsyoudesign profile image

      eventsyoudesign 7 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Good article. I enjoyed reading it. For a wedding cake table use ficus trees to create a beautiful backdrop. Rental companies have table skirts designed to cover the cake table, such as a petite coat, to give the feel of a princess wedding. If your room is big then you would typically use table centerpieces of a larger scale so that they do not get lost in a room. Smaller centerpieces belong on small dinning tables. I like what you say about varying the height of the centerpieces this creates a stunning visual. Candles are great for illuminating centerpieces, but pin spot lighting works great along with candles. Thanks for sharing and I will read more. Teresa