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Wedding Albums

Updated on August 23, 2009

Your wedding day is a very special day and most people want to be able to remember it fondly. One way to memorialize the day is to create or purchase a wedding album. Wedding albums come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and prices ranges. You can have a professional photographer at your wedding that creates a wedding photo album as part of their package price. You can take the negatives of a professional photographer and pay a third party to create professional wedding albums. You can also use wedding album templates and create your own wedding albums that you can have printed at a variety of photo stores. There are actual books or digital wedding albums. The possibilities are quite numerable.

If you decide to purchase a wedding album from a professional wedding album maker or your photographer there are a few decisions you will have to make about the type of wedding photo albums you want. The first decision is what kind of wedding album you want. Flush mount wedding albums and matted wedding albums are the two basic types. A flush mount wedding album is one where the photographs are actually printed on the pages of the album rather than mounted on the pages. Consequently, matted wedding albums are ones where the photographs are mounted on pieces of card stock called matting and placed behind clear windows or other apertures to protect the photographs. No matter what kind of wedding album designs you like, both types of albums have their advantages.

Flush mounted wedding albums are typically laid out and created by wedding album software. In the software, you can choose any number of pictures to appear on each page and arrange them any way you want. You can lay a landscape photo across two pages with no break at the seam. This is a popular choice for pictures of the entire wedding party or the scene of your wedding ceremony. You can have wedding photographs placed all the way at the edge of a page with no border, which allows you to fit more wedding pictures on a page in your wedding album. It is possible to overlap photos in your wedding album to make a kind of collage. This is a good option for a page of pictures of your wedding guests. One final technique is to have one wedding picture in the background with other wedding photos on top. Most of the time the background wedding picture is of some item like the rings or a bouquet rather than a person.

Matted wedding albums are a little more old fashioned, and most of the time a little less expensive than flush mount wedding albums. It is also a little harder to get personalized wedding albums with the matted design because you have to work with existing positions and sizes for the photographs. One advantage of this type of wedding album is that you have the opportunity to change the photos if you desire. Many wedding photographers fill your matted wedding album with prints and they will give you prints of the pictures they did not use so that you can exchange them whenever you would like.

If wedding albums for sale from photographers or wedding album manufacturers are too pricy for you because you spent too much money on wedding band sets, then another option is to make your own. You can make both kinds of wedding albums on your own if you have the time and tools necessary. If you plan to make a flush mounted wedding album then you will need to have wedding album software. Wedding Album software allows you to choose any number of pictures for a page and then you can change the size and layout of each picture as you see fit. You can buy picture quality printers and photo quality paper to print your creations out onto. You can then pay to have your book bound so that it looks like a professional job. Matted wedding albums are a bit easier and cheaper to make yourself because you only need the mounting and some glue. You can use already constructed photo albums and buy extra inserts if you have more pictures than the album typically holds.

If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding album then you might want to look into scrapbooking. This is a huge new trend in arts and crafts. There are complete sections in arts and crafts stores dedicated to scrapbooking. You can make a truly personalized wedding album by adding little knick-knacks or sayings to each page as you would in a scrapbook. You can save some of the flowers from your bouquet and add them to a section of your wedding scrapbook. You can have a whole page for the invitation, or a page with pieces of wrapping paper from your presents as the background. Another popular thing is to save part of the wedding reception table decorations like the confetti and use it in the scrapbook. Scrapbooking your wedding album is a great way to make it truly personal and help you remember the day. A very personal kind of wedding album is a private one between the bride and groom full of boudoir photographs. This is an up and coming trend with most wedding photographers.

One final method you can use to make your own wedding album is the creation of a digital wedding album or wedding albums online. There are many websites that allow you to upload photographs and create a slide show that you can them email to all your friends and family for viewing. Online wedding albums have the added benefit of the fact that anyone can see it at anytime. You do not have to pay for multiple printings of a professional album so that your distant relatives and friends can see pictures from the wedding. Another benefit is that some services will allow the people who view your wedding album online to purchase printouts of the various pictures if they desire. This is a great way for you to save money because duplicates of photographs will no longer be your responsibility to create and mail to your guests.

No matter what kind of wedding album you decide to get, you should have one. Many people like to be able to look back on that special day and remember the details. Young couples can pour over their wedding album when they eat their wedding cakes on their first anniversaries. It can help you take a walk down memory lane.


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