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Seafoods as Appetizer : Recipes for Seafoods Appetizer

Updated on April 30, 2013

Seafoods as Appetizer : Quick, Simple and Easy Seafoods Appetizer

Appetizers or starters are a good way to make you wanting more, just like the word itself it gives us appetite to eat later a full meal dish. Usually if you will entertain visitor or you are thinking of slouching down the couch and eating plus watching TV, appetizers are always awesome. I like sea foods as appetizers as it gives the taste that you just need, delicious. It is good for parties when you entertain visitors or for your own consumption. Seafoods can be made into dips, included in spread or mixed with some vegetables like tomatoes or cucumbers. I make it simple, I make seafoods as the main ingredients and then mixed it with some vegetables and seasonings plus vegetables then it smell good and healthier. Try this, quick, simple and easy easfood appetizer recipe, you will enjoy it.

Seafoods are deemed fresh and if you are an experienced cook, you can immediately see the look and feel if it is not fresh anymore, if it is still fresh and alive the eyes are not red and they are firm and of course moving.

Seafoods are healthy as long as they are fresh and if eaten in moderation. Caution is given to pregnant women by the way.

The recipe here is generic for all seafoods such as clams, shrimp, crab and I will make one way how to make them as simple, quick and easy seafoods appetizer. You can choose which seafoods you prefer. I love shrimp by the way, so I always do this recipe with shrimp.

image courtesy of wikipedia
image courtesy of wikipedia

easy seafoods appetizer recipe

For seafoods :

Always prefer fresh seafoods, must be best upon catching them if you go fishing. If you can't get fresh seafoods, then go to the nearest wet market, I go to Asian store here in the US and I buy frozen fishes here, thaw it first then it is ready for your desired quick, simple and easy seafoods appetizer. I love this one.

Shrimp with raw vegetables quick simple and easy seafoods appetizer recipe

Simple and easy you will need :

  • One pound (good for two) shrimp,
  • ground black pepper (one half teaspoon)
  • chili pepper, cayenne -- paprika (one fourth teaspoon). You can increase the amount after and taste it
  • iodized salt
  • little sugar one teaspoon
  • two medium size cucumber sliced and cut
  • tomatoes -- two medium sized
  • rice vinegar or soy sauce (your choice) to taste

Directions : ,

  • You will use a non stick pan, Put some little canola or olive oil. Wash the shrimp and clean it, remove the whiskers and put in a strainer so the water will be drained.
  • Heat the pan and put the oil and then if it is hot already, put the shrimp, put the cooker to medium temp., then cover the pan and then check it after five minutes, and stir it from time to time. If the shrimp is done and all (reddish brown and cooked), removed it and cool it. Then remove the cover of the shrimp so that you can eat it easily and with ease.
  • Mix the sugar, rice vinegar or soy sauce, the salt and the gwoud black pepper in one bowl, put the cooked shrimp
  • Mixed and put the vegetables, the sliced cucumber and the sliced tomatoes
  • Taste it according to the desired taste and add the lacking flavor be it sugar, salt or the seasoning
  • Put it in the ref and wait for thirty minutes, then it is ready


You can also do this for crab meat, clams and other seafoods as long as you cooked it first by simply grilling or steaming it or in the oven without seasoning just so the seafoods is cooked. and then follow the instructions above.

Salmon Sashimi Recipe

Seafoods as Appetizer : Quick, Simple and Easy Seafoods Appetizer -- Breaded Shrimp, Fish Fillet or Crab Meat

This is nice and good as appetizer. There are fish fillets which are breaded already, and of course fishes are not breaded yet.

You will need these ingredients :

  • flour
  • salt
  • ground black pepper
  • cooking oil
  • cucumber again and tomatoes sliced

Plus the dip which consists of the combination of

  • soy sauce or vinegar
  • chili
  • salt and ground black pepper
  • sugar
  • chopped garlic
  • onion chopped

Directions for Breaded Shrimp, Fish Fillet or Crab Meat:

  • Get one pound of shrimp or crab meat or fish fillet, The crabmeat and the fish fillet must be bigger in size (the normal size when you buy it), and then cut it into bite sized after it is cooked.
  • Just cooked the seafoods simple easy and quick similar to the first procedure of recipe above using non stick pan, fry the seafoods you choose and before putting it to fry, roll it into the baking flour so that it will be breaded. Once the seafood is browned
  • Make the dip sauce to it by mixing the soy sauce or vinegar, chili and the hot pepper, choppped garlic and onion. Mix it into a smaller bowl.
  • The you have fish dip sauce for your breaded seafoods.


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