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Buy Stainless Steel Vintage Kitchen Scales Online Today

Updated on January 18, 2010
Stainless steel vintage kitchen scales
Stainless steel vintage kitchen scales

Vintage kitchen scales look very smart and stylish in any setting.  You can find quite a wide variety of colours that will suit you décor. A stainless steel kitchen scale is an updated version which still retains its old fashioned charm.  Here are just a few examples of what you can buy online from Amazon today.

Polder Stainless-Steel Kitchen Scale

If you like the look and feel of the traditional style kitchen scales, but with a modern contemporary twist, then you may like to consider buying this stainless steel kitchen scale from Polder.

This scale shows measurements in ounces and pounds as well as in grams and kilograms.  It will measure up to 11 pounds of whatever type of ingredients you need.  In kilograms this equates to up to 5 kilograms of weight.

The weight is written in easy to ready large print and set to increments of 1 ounce and 25 grams.

These scales are made from non corrosive stainless steel which will stay looking as good as new from the moment you purchase it and for years to come.

The removable bowl is held in place by metal grips and has a flat bottom so that you can place it on your kitchen counter top without fear of it tipping over.

This is a kitchen appliance that is very easy to clean as you just need to wipe it down with a damp cloth and hand wash the bowl in wash soapy water.

This purchase also comes with a one year warranty so If you have any issues, you know that they will be handled with efficiency.

Salter stainless steel diet scale
Salter stainless steel diet scale

Salter Stainless-Steel Diet Scale

Another example of a vintage style kitchen scale is this Salter mini mechanical kitchen scale with tray.

The Salter Company is a world renowned manufacturer of high quality kitchen scales. They are an English company that provide professional chefs with a wide range of kitchen equipment. 

This particular kitchen scale has been made for home use and in particular for people who are looking to keep their weight in check.  A good way to help control your diet is to make sure that you measure out all the ingredients whenever you are putting together a well balanced meal.

This is a compact little kitchen utensil that you can either leave out on your kitchen counter top or put away in a kitchen cabinet for easy storage.

No batteries are required in order for this to work.  The measurement markers on this scale are in 5 gram and 0.25 ounce increments and the maximum weight goes up to 500 grams which is 16 ounces. 

The little stainless steel bowl is easy to clean as you can simply place it in your dishwasher or wash it in a bowl of warm soapy water.  The main unit just needs to be wiped down with a cloth.

This whole unit comes with an extensive 10 year warranty that will cover any defects that you may find.


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