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Kitchen Knife Sharpeners – Finding The Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Updated on December 5, 2010
Smiths Abrasive Edge knife sharpener
Smiths Abrasive Edge knife sharpener

Where to find good kitchen knife sharpeners

If you have a lovely set of kitchen knives you should think about finding the best knife sharpener that is available so that you can help to extend the lifespan of your kitchen utensils.

You can opt for a manual knife sharpener or an electric powered unit. Here are some great knife sharpeners on sale at Amazon.

Smith's Abrasive Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

This is a very easy to use kitchen knife sharpener for several reasons. It comes equipped with a V-grip bottom that also has non-slip rubber soles so this makes it easy to use on any flat surface like a table or your kitchen countertop. It has a soft grip handle so that you can use it with ease and with comfort each and every time you need to prepare your knives for cooking.

This handy piece of equipment features carbide blades and there is a pre-set mode that is adjusted to the right angles to ensure that a razor sharp edge is given to each knife that is placed in the chamber. With the choice of two sharpening mechanisms, you can refresh either slightly dull knives as well as any completely blunt kitchen utensils that you may have.  There will no longer be a need to throw away any knives once you have invested in this timesaving and moneysaving item

Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers knife sharpener
Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers knife sharpener

Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers Pro Knife Sharpener

If you have received a quality set of kitchen knives or you have purchased your own set of highly prized knives, you will want to make sure that you get the best performance each time you use them. This is a palm-sized version of the pro tech edge pro knife sharpening system.

This compact piece of equipment consists of 8 diamond coated ozitech fingers which will ensure that that once you place a knife into the chamber the results will be a clean and sharp blade within seconds. The technology behind this system means that knives of any brand can be sharpened and given the perfect bevel edge each and every time.

The outer shell opens out easily and provides a very strong handle with the necessary safety guards in place.

Once this compact knife sharpener is closed it is easy to transport which makes it ideal to take on camping vacations or for any outdoor excursions or activities.

Electric knife sharpener
Electric knife sharpener

Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto Pro EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

If you would prefer to purchase an electric knife sharpener you will find that there is quite an extensive range to choose from.  This electric knife sharpener from Presto uses professional high grade sapphirite sharpening wheels in order to grind away at each blade to ensure a razor sharp edge.

The built in blade guides will automatically hold each utensil at the optimal angle for perfect sharpening.

There are three suction cup pads on the base of the knife sharpening unit which will ensure that it stays level and secure on the countertop when it is in use. 


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