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How to Make Tahina ( Tahini )

Updated on March 31, 2011

What is Tahina (Tahini)

Here is how to make tahini and its derivatives like tahini salad, Hummus tahini, Baba Ganoush, tahini dip, tahini sauce, as well as, how to make a beauty mask using tahini.

"Tahina" is a modification of the Arabic word "Taheen" which is derived of the verb "to grind" to make "flour". It is made by grinding Sesame seeds. Unhulled tahini is made from the whole sesame seed, and this keeps all its nutritional value specially the Cacium content, though it is a bit bitter compared to the hulled variety.

Tahini is a rich source of Calcium (better than dairy), Protein, Methionine, Vitamins B and E, and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). EFAs present in Sesame, Primrose, and Flaxeed with vitamin E are a good means to preserve a good healthy skin.

Tahini can be used for people on Raw Food Diet, yet the best use for all people is as appetizer, dips, and as an alternative for peanut butter or magarine and in preparation of dressings like mayonnaise.

There are many Egyptian and Libanese dishes use tahini as an important ingredient such as Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Tahini salad, Egg salad with tahini, Macaroni salad with tahini.

Wanna Make Tahini by Yourself?

 Although you can buy tahini from any Middle East or all natural  grocer, yet you can make it at home and here is how, according to,   Ingredients:

•5 cups sesame seeds

 •1 1/2 cups olive oil or vegetable oil

 Preparation: Preheat oven to 350. Toast sesame seeds for 5-10 minutes, shaking the seeds frequently with a spatula. Do not allow to brown. Cool for 20 minutes.  

Pour sesame seeds into food processor and add oil. Blend for 2 minutes. Check for consistency. The goal is a thick, yet pourable texture. Add more oil and blend until desired consistency.

Yield: 4 cups

 Storing Tahini Tahini should be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container. It will keep for up to 3 months.

Make a Beauty Mask Using Tahini

 You can make use of the benefits of the components of 3 great natural constituents, these are tahini, honey, and cocoa.


Black Tahini        1 cup

 Raw Whipped Honey ( honey+royal jelly+pollen grains )   1 cup

 Cocoa Powder        1 teaspoon



 - Mix the tahini and honey usin a spatula or a knife, or better use both as scisors to mix

 - Add cocoa pwder to make a paste, add more powder if you need to get the required consistency

 - Apply the mask for about 15 minutes

 - Wash using luke water

Tahini Salad

 As an appetizer, tahini is made into many types of salad and here is the simplest one.

Ingredients :

Tahini                           4 Tablespoons

Lemon juice                     10 Tablespoons

Garlic cloves                    1 clove

Cumen                            1 Teaspoon

Parsley (mashed)                 1 Punch

Olive oil                        1 Tablespoon

 Method :

- Mix tahini with a little of warm water and salt, add the lemon juice until it acquires a lighter consistency. Add the minced garlic and you are done.

Hummus Tahini

 The best thing is that you watch someone who is making the recipe and here in this link you will watch how to make it.

Macaroni Tahini Salad


- Macaroni (Boiled)                    1 cup

- Tomatoes                             1 average tomatoe

- Onions                               1 average onion

- Green Pepper                         1 big pepper

- Cucumbers (peeled)                           3 cucumbers

- Garlic cloves                        2 cloves

- Tahini                               1 Tablespoon

- Milk (non fat)                       1 cup

- Lemon Juice                          1 Tablespoon

- Parsley                              1 punch

- Salt                                 1/4 teaspoon


- Mix tomatoes, cucumber, onion, pepper, garlic, and parsley in a food processor until you get a homogenous mixture

- Mix milk with tahini, salt and lemon juice

- Mix both mixtures and add them to macaroni

- You may put some black olives on the surface of the salad

Baba Ganoush

 It is healthy dish that is famous in both Egypt and Lebanon as well as the rest of the Arabic countries. Here is a video to show you how you can make it easily.

Egg Tahini Salad

You watchd how to make egg salad sandwiches, and all you are asked to do is to replace mayonnaise with tahini salad, by making a mixture of  2 teaspoons of sesame oil, 1 lemon juice, 1 garlic clove, 1 teaspoon mashed parsley to be added to each egg.

Tahini Pumpkin Hummus Dip

 Another way of making Tahini into appetizers and dips.

Kufta with Tahini Sauce


a- Kufta:

- Ground Meat                  1 kilograms

- Onions                       3-4 medium onions

- Olive oil                    1 cup

- Garlic cloves                5-6 cloves

- Parsley or Coriander         1 punch

- Salt, pepper, allspices, and cumin

 b- Tahini Sauce

- Tahini                       3 Tablespoons

- Yogurt                       2 Tablespoons

- Vinegar                      3/4 cup

- water                        3/4 cup

 - To make kufta mixture, add meat, chopped onions, olive oil, minced garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and salt, and mix them using your hand

- To make Tahini put its ingredients in the mixer

- Another way different from that shown in the video, you can mix them all (kufta and tahini sauce) and make them into one consistent paste that is put in the oven, after covered with cupper or alumina foil


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      SteveKaye 3 years ago

      Now I know what I've been eating.

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      ahmed 6 years ago

      how i get tahini in hangzhou,china

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      LondonGirl 9 years ago from London

      Tahini is wonderful stuff - I use it a lot in cooking.