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The Philippine Lechon and the Sizzling Sisig

Updated on May 7, 2011

There is no doubt that the Filipino dishes are not only unique it is loaded with distinct taste that could leave a good lasting impression to everyone that ate it. Occasions here in the Philippines will it be baptismal, wedding, anniversary, birthdays or the likes will not be complete without a lechon or the roasted pig served on the table as a delectable centerpiece.

A well-done lechon is perhaps the favorite among invited visitors and guests. It is so crisp and tender as each bite gives a soothing feeling. The lechon is one of the trademarks of the country and it is so popular all across the archipelago.

Truly mouthwatering the Philippine Lechon is considered as the most tastiest in the world...
Truly mouthwatering the Philippine Lechon is considered as the most tastiest in the world... | Source
Another great Filipino treat that goes perfectly with is the palatable "Sisig".
Another great Filipino treat that goes perfectly with is the palatable "Sisig". | Source

The lechon in the Philippines was once features in the Time Magazine as the best tasting roasted pig in the whole of Asia a proof that the indiscriminate taste of the Filipino is at par best with their Asian brothers.

A renowned chef and prolific writer, Anthony Bourdain, who went to the country to shoot for his travel show could not help wonder with the slowly roasted lechon in Cebu City. He also tried the pride of Pampanga province which is the flavorful sizzling sisig. Bourdain was so elated and surprised with the prized finds he had have as he said that the lechon in the country is the best in the world. The great taste of the lechon can be attributed with slow roasting (which can take several hours to do) dish out by the meticulous and patient local folks.

He also bared that the sizzling sisig was also impressive as he said that this is one of the best dishes that goes with beer drinking all over the world.

So if you intend to make Philippines as one of your itinerary while you are on a vacation, try to indulge yourself with the lechon and sizzling sisig and find out why they are local favorites.

The Philippine Lechon. Video from YouTube.

The Palatable Sisig in the Philippines. Video from YouTube.


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