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How to make a tye dye Cake

Updated on March 17, 2015

Blue, yellow and green tye dye cake



5 stars from 3 ratings of Tye Dye Cake
Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 30 min
Ready in: 45 min
Yields: 2 round cake pans, 10" Dia. x 2" D

Why Did I make a tye dye cake ?

I made this cake for my Husband's Birthday. I chose the green icing because his birthday is close to St. Patrick's Day. I picked the inside cake colors to match with the sprinkles that came with the icing.



Gather your ingredients

  • 2 white cake mixes, any brand
  • 2 containers of icing, your choice, make sure to get 2 containers of icing because one is not enough
  • food coloring, liquid or gel, whatever you prefer
  • writer icing, To ad the name or decorate the top of the cake

Cake batter mixed with dye colors.


Dying the cake.

Prepare the cake mixes according to the directions on the box. I made 2 cake mixes and separated the batter into 3 bowls because I was using 3 colors. You can use as many colors as you want. If you had 4 colors you'd separate the batter into 4 bowls and so on. Put in the food coloring and keep mixing until you are happy with the colors. The color of the cake will pretty much be the color of the doesn't seem to lighten or darken with cooking.

Pouring the batter


Time to pour the batter.

Start with one of the colors and pour some in the first pan. Take the next color and pour the batter directly into the center of the first color. That will make the first color spread out and the new color in the center. Go to the next color and pour it into the center of the 2nd color and so on. You will have to make sure to even the batter between the two pans. I did this by pouring both pans at one time. The first color in both pans, the second color in both pans..etc. So that they each had an even amount.

Into the oven


Cooking the cakes

  1. Set the oven to the temp it says on the cake mix Box
  2. Prepare the pans by generously greasing them and flowering them to make sure the cake doesn't stick.
  3. Put the pans in on the center rack ( not the top rack like I did ) or else the cakes will brown on top and be raw in the middle.
  4. Cook them for 25-30 min until they are done.
  5. When they come out put them into the freezer. This will help cool them down quicker for icing and also will make the cakes more moist. Take them out in about 15 min or when they feel cool...not frozen !

Spread on the love...


Icing the cake

When the cakes are cool take them out of the pan. Set one cake top down onto a plate so that the flat side ( the bottom of the cake ) is facing up. Ice just the top of the first cake..that will be your middle layer of icing. Put as little or as much as you'd like. Set the second cake, bottom side down, on to the first cake. Make sure they are even. Now ice the top and sides of both cakes. If you want your icing to go farther you can whip it with a fork first or mix it in another bowl with the beaters.

Decorated Cake


Decorate Your Cake

Now you are done and can decorate your cake to your hearts content. Tip : To make the sprinkles stick on to the cake better , sprinkle them on just after you have put on the icing while it's still sticky. You can go back and just run over the icing with a knife where you plan to put your sprinkles..or just add some more icing on top.

Delicious !



And now you are done and ready to eat your delicious tye dye cake ! One word of warning however.. You may notice that your poop is the color of the cake for a few But hey..If I have to poop I'd rather it be in a fun color !


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    • Marinda Seiwell profile image

      Marinda Seiwell 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      sharmapk - Thank you for the compliment !

    • sharmapk752 lm profile image

      Pankaj Sharma 2 years ago from India

      Looking Yummy.... I love cakes...

    • Marinda Seiwell profile image

      Marinda Seiwell 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks for the 5 stars !!

    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 2 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      LOL, This is going to be very interesting. Wait till you see comments about your last comment. I gave you 5 stars because this was very imaginative.