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Harmful Foods which are thought as Healthy

Updated on March 20, 2015

Not all foods produced by our farming and processed food industry are useful. Harmful foods or unhealthy foods include all salted foods, constipating foods, and foods which are high in oxalic acid. Avoiding these disease-producing foods will eliminate many health problems. Whether we like it or not, our health is largely as a result of what we eat. Knowing the right food to reduce in our diet is a crucial step to healthier lifestyle.

Salted Foods

All salted foods are bad foods, namely salted fish, salted crackers, salted nuts or salted seeds.

Constipating Foods

Any food that caused constipation should be reduced in our diet. The normally consumed constipating foods are any starchy foods, beans, coffee, chess, and chocolate. Blackberries are also constipating.

The Three Worst High-oxalic-acid Foods to avoid

The three foods that every wise nutritionist leaves out of a diet are :

  1. Rhubarb – high in oxalic acid. It adds to joint disturbances in the body, especially when it is heated.
  2. Cranberries – very high in oxalic acid especially when it is in raw form. It should be cooked.
  3. Green Plums – also very high in oxalic acid

Research has shown that oxalic acid bind with calcium and other minerals in the intestines and form an insoluble complex, oxalate, which when in high concentration can cause kidney stone to form. High oxalic acid can also lead to lower availability of calcium and other minerals.

Processed Foods and Canned Foods

When we boil our foods, we preserve them or process them. The natural value of the food is taken away. Canned foods are "empty food”, which are never meant to provide optimum nutrition. Quite the contrary, canned foods were meant as an emergency or quick fix to stave off death by starvation. In nineteenth century, French Scientists introduced food canning in response to Napoleon Bonaparte’s order to find a solution for French armies to carry food during wartime. When the enemy burnt the fields and all the food as they retreated, the French soldiers faced death by starvation. Canned food kept the soldier alive when raw food was not available.

Harmful facts about Proteins

Animal protein is one of the most putrefactive foods. It putrefies in the intestinal tract very quickly and the problem arises when people who consume lots of meat do not consume enough high fiber foods to maintain proper intestinal transit time. People with constipation problem often suffer from underactive bowels which can lead to fermentation and induces multiplication of undesirable toxic bacteria. At the same time, friendly acidophilus bacteria may be almost destroyed. Such problem would not occur for those with active normal bowel transit time.

Fiber is easily found in foods such as seeds, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. These foods encourage bowel activity. The bowel cannot work against slushy, refined foods. It has to have the brans, the bulk and the fiber, to develop strength in the bowel.

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