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Useful tips for people who really loves coffee

Updated on May 15, 2013

Why spend time, energy, and mney just to go to a coffee shop?

Nowadays, it is already possible to make a high quality cup of coffee just like the ones made by expert baristas on a coffee shop. The only requirement is a single cup coffee machine and its corresponding coffee pods or k-cup portion packs.

This machine is compact enough to be placed on any kitchen, easy to use, and will surely produce what is indicated of the pod and portion pack. The coffee maker usually take one minute to brew the coffee and is quite easy to maintain.

For those who are wondering, coffee pods and k-cup portion packs are available in hundreds of varieties. From intense dark roast to mild and sophisticated flavored ones.

Certain coffees also make exceptional iced coffee –

Most people already know that coffee can also be served cold. What most people don't know is that not all coffee flavors make an exceptional iced coffee. Some people would suggest to brew the coffee strong as it can easily be remedied by the addition of ice, water, creamer, sugar, or any other additives.

However, to truly make a great ice coffee, look for certain indicators or packaging labels signifying the coffee pod or k-cup portion pack can be used as such.

Coffee acidity is not stomach acidity –

Coffee acidity is a degree of the coffee's flavor. It should not be used to describe how the coffee will affect the stomach's acidity. Additionally, there are certain factors that can change (increase or decrease) the coffee's acidity.

Do not reheat left over coffee –

The main reason why it is not a good idea to reheat leftover coffee is simply because it will not taste the same. If there is a perfect condition for coffee, it is the state after it was freshly brewed. So, should it be thrown away? Not necessarily. To save up some cost, it can be put in the fridge and may serve as the foundation for an ice coffee.

Sniffing or smelling brewed coffee is a normal thing –

Enjoying a drink's enticing aroma is not only applicable to wine but to coffee as well. Don't be ashamed to appreciate the coffee's aromatic characteristics and don't be weirded out when someone does this. This method is actually called coffee cupping.

Lastly, there are numerous coffee assortments available. Some people like it very strong – very dark and intense – while others prefer those that are smooh and mild. It all depends on the person's taste preference. To know where your inclination is, try experimenting with a couple of varieties.


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    • writerjj profile image

      writerjj 4 years ago

      Hi My Cook Book,

      Thank you for reading and for commenting :)

      Hoping other coffee lovers would also found the simple tips here discussed here useful :)

      Thanks again.

    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 4 years ago from India

      Good hub, had a good read. Thank you!