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Scary Food Facts- What You May Not Want to Know About Your Common Foods

Updated on September 5, 2012
Wait is that silly putty?  Oh...that's the "so-called" meat we are eating.
Wait is that silly putty? Oh...that's the "so-called" meat we are eating.

What's Really in Your Food?

We all know that fast food is not the healthiest choice out there, but it is easy and cheap. Fast Food is not the only thing that we eat unhealthy, some of our every day foods come from places you'd never expect. Continue at your own risk...

Processed Chicken, Ground Beef, Hot Dogs, Bologna and Pepperoni all come in the form of a pink paste (this is mainly the fast food chains that are using this method). These "meats" are made through mechanical separation, which is a cost effective way to "smooth out" any leftover bone remnants after the meats have been de-boned. If that it is already sickening, the process results in excessive bacteria, which then is corrected by washing the meat in ammonia. In order to hide that ammonia flavor, they inject flavoring back into the meat, dye it, then re-shape the meat back to how it was to look as if nothing ever happened. YUCK!

100% Plain White Sugar I bet you didn't expect to see this one. Sugar that comes from sugar cane is purified through a process called bone char. Bone char is made by superheating bones from cows that have died; and, are sourced from other countries. They are bleached in the sun and then sold to companies who make gelatin and sugar. I'll take some crushed bones in my coffee please.

Yogurt is not always made with the "friendly" bacteria and curdled milk as we are led to believe. Check your label. If it says "glycerin' or "stearic acid', you're eating animal-by-products. Beef tallow is typically what is used as the by product. This just gets better and better.

Bottled Water one-third of it contains synthetic chemicals, bacteria and arsenic. This was found in a study of over 900 bottles and 100 store brands that were tested by the Natural Resources Defense Council. It still beats tap water, why, because there are more than 115,000 human-made chemicals entering our public water supply. The one thing you thought was safe.

Coca-Cola is the most acidic beverage sold. It has the pH of vinegar. Oh yea, and it can also dissolve a nail in 4 days. What is THAT doing to my body?

Worcestershire sauce is made from dissolved fish, bones and all. It is also made from dissolved anchovies which are soaked in vinegar until they have totally melted.

Chicken today contains 266% more fat than it did 40 years ago and also has 33% less protein. The problem is the modern farming practices, cramped environments and unnatural diets which produce birds that have weight problems, just as the people eating them. Chicken is washed in chlorine to kill bacteria and then injected with flavor to hide the taste of chlorine. Seventy-percent of chickens raised for human consumption contain arsenic as an additive. Don't forget the hormones they inject to make the slaughter time quicker for the chickens which is creating un-natural growth patterns. So I tried to eat healthy and did more damage anyway?!

Food dyes that are used commonly can alter your kids behavior causing sever hyperactivity. Foods marketed towards children are typically the most heavily dyed foods in the market. They also contain carcinogens which can cause cancer.

Beef the typical fast food burger is made from slaughterhouse trimmings (another way to save money.) These trimmings are normally found in pet food and cooking oil. The burgers aren't from a single cow they are pieces of 100's of different cows. This creates an environment that bacteria love. The USDA allowed a company called Beef Products to pipe the raw beef through pipes and be exposed to ammonia gas. It's also allowed to be sold without any indication that it ever received the gas treatment. Are they trying to poison us?

Jello is made from collagen, which is boiled connective tissue in animals. Always wondered how it got that texture...yumm.

Red or Pink Colored Food is made from crushed, boiled red insects. The finished product is called "carmine."

Deli Meats are sprayed with genetically modified viruses to combat the potential Listeria contamination which is a bacteria that makes deli meats one of the top contributes to food born illnesses in the U.S.

Fast Food an average person's yearly fast food intake will contain 12 pubic hairs. Most fast food is more likely to contain human hairs and you'll never know about it. A majority fast food places dip their fries in sugar to give them that brown hue after frying, and that addictive taste.

Apples and Jelly beans have a beautiful shiny color but where does that color come from? It comes from Shellac, which is used on wood floors and furniture. If that's not bad enough, Shellac is made from the feces of the female lac beetle. Maybe I can wax my floors with an apple?

Apple Juice can contain higher than permitted levels of arsenic (But wait...why is arsenic permitted at all?). It is only some companies that allow this, so you might want to do some research, but arsenic can cause cancer as well as other neurological disorders.

Milk is said to make bones strong. However, because there are animal proteins in milk it is said that milk now actually depletes the human body of calcium. Cows Milk has been linked to around 2 dozen different diseases. The more milk you drink the more risk you have in getting bone fractures! Milk is processed and contains additives like sugar, hormones and antibiotics. They are now saying that we don't need milk at all! If you choose to drink milk there are different types that you can try other than cows milk that will be much better for you.

Canned Pineapple can pack in up to 20% moldy fruit which the FDA finds acceptable

Frozen Broccoli must have an average of no more than 60 aphids, thrips or mites pet 100 grams.

Oregano can legally contain up to 1,250 insect fragments per 10 grams.

Peanut Butter can contain up to 1 rodent hair per 100 grams.

Cinnamon can carry carry up to 1 milligram of animal excrement per pound.

Berries can harbor up to 4 larvae per 100 grams.

Asparagus that is canned can have up to 10% beetles or egg sacs.

Maraschino Cherries can legally contain as much as 5% maggots.

Chocolate is not tainted until it averages 60 or more insect fragments per 100 grams.

What can we do about this? Check our labels closely and avoid buying from places that are producing foods that are very harmful to us. Make sure that you really are buying organic products because many companies claim organic and really aren't. Avoiding these companies will eventually put a hurt on them and they will have to find a better way to produce foods.

• Celery
• Peaches
• Strawberries
• Apples
• Blueberries
• Nectarines
• Bell Peppers
• Spinach
• Kale
• Cherries
• Potatoes
• Grapes

Above are foods that are important to buy organic. They all have thick skin and higher levels of toxins that are impossible to wash off.

• Onions
• Avocados
• Sweet Corn
• Pineapples
• Mangos
• Sweet Peas
• Asparagus
• Honeydew Melons
• Cabbage
• Eggplants
• Cantaloupes
• Watermelons
• Grapefruits
• Sweet Potatoes
• Kiwis

Above foods that are ok to buy non-organic. They are easier to wash and have a higher resistance to pesticides.

Buying organic chicken isn't only healthier but also tastes much more fresh. What you want to look for is that is specifically says "USDA Certified Organic." You want to see that it has no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or herbicides, no artificial ingredients, and free-range (which means chickens were stressed and cramped together.)

I bet you're craving a Big Mac now right?

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    • BeautySavvy22 profile image

      Alyssa 5 years ago from York, Pennsylvania

      Thank you! Sometimes it takes the gross facts to impact people! At least you're on the right track, once you get there you won't want to go back!

    • Kumar Paral profile image

      Kumar Paral 5 years ago from India

      Thank you for sharing this useful information.

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I know it's easy to talk about jumping on the organic/local train but I will say this article is definitely important for people to notice what they eat. I've tried gradually to pick better foods all around and while it is hard to avoid everything bad for you- you definitely hit alot of high notes- that is so gross about fast food but I know it's necessary to know. Great hub!

    • BeautySavvy22 profile image

      Alyssa 5 years ago from York, Pennsylvania

      Very true, you've got that right! Thank you:-)

    • Kate Mc Bride profile image

      Kate McBride 5 years ago from Donegal Ireland

      This hub is not for the squeamish but it all boils down to one thing-the more processed the food,the worse it is for you.Really great information here.Voted useful and interesting:-)

    • BeautySavvy22 profile image

      Alyssa 5 years ago from York, Pennsylvania

      Thank you! I think it's time I turn vegetarian now as well:-)

    • Melovy profile image

      Yvonne Spence 5 years ago from UK

      Wow, after reading this I am very glad I eat vegetarian and almost entirely organic! Very interesting hub. Welcome to HubPages.

    • jojo29 profile image

      Jane Boucheirre 5 years ago from CA

      Thanks for this great revelation hub. Really good to know.

    • adventcom profile image

      Steve Cameron 5 years ago from Marbella, Spain

      Really interesting article - a friend of mine who is a veterinary insepctor to slaughterhouses is "almost" vegetarian - the only meat he will eat is turkey - the reason? Turkeys do not admit hormones - not so with just about every other type of meat we are sold....

    • BeautySavvy22 profile image

      Alyssa 5 years ago from York, Pennsylvania

      It can be difficult but at least you aren't doing it all of the time!

    • healthy meals profile image

      healthy meals 5 years ago from Europe

      How horrible! I am happy I try to avoid most fast and convinience food -although it is not always possible :-(