What is the best wine to have at a wedding

  1. mizmonroe profile image54
    mizmonroeposted 8 years ago

    What is the best wine to have at a wedding

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    Dominatrixposted 8 years ago

    Well the wine should actually be a compliment to the meal and the flavours should go together so that the wine brings out the taste of the food and vise versa. To help with this it is good to first ask asistance from the store and feel free to experiment .
    I have selected a few wine sites that could help
    whick wine with fish?
    which wine with chicken? which wine with meat?

    I hope this helps in narrowing down your choices

  3. Craig Stalker profile image53
    Craig Stalkerposted 8 years ago

    My quick answer would be ... champagne of course!  Don't be put off thinking "expensive".  There are many less expensive sparkling wines available.  I am thinking specifically of a German import called Schloss Bieberich available at Trader Joe's if you are in California (google it for availability elsewhere).  At 4.99 it could be your answer for that perfect wedding toast!  But if you are determined to serve wine only then I would recommend you go half red and half white...  with a lovely chardonnay for those white wine drinkers and a pinot noir or the everpopular merlot for those red wine lovers.  If you keep the wine light and fruity it will accommodate most dishes and be sure to please your guests. If you want more suggestions for wine choices please check out the selections at my site http://www.winetasterschoice.com  We make selecting and ordering our special wines simple and fun. Enjoy!