Name a movie with the word ice cream in it.

  1. profile image43
    Nibbles Mposted 8 years ago

    Name a movie with the word ice cream in it.

  2. northweststarr profile image80
    northweststarrposted 8 years ago

    That's two words.  LOL
    ICE CREAM MAN (1994)  -  Clint Howard (who stars here as the title character) may be the ugliest actor working in films today. Looks aside, he may also be the most talented of the Howard clan (which includes brother Ron and father Rance). He eludes a greasy charm, even when appearing in lowbrow trash such as this. Clint plays a former mental patient who takes over the local ice cream route of his mentor, who he saw gunned down as a child. He adds special ingredients to his ice cream: namely human body parts! A group of obnoxious kids, who call themselves the Rocketeers, spot Clint kidnapping one of their own and report it to the police (including an alcohol-bloated Jan Michael Vincent and Lee Majors II, who couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag). The police turn up nothing, so the Rocketeers take matters in their own hands. If it weren’t for the presence of Clint, this film would be unbearable. Even with a cameo cast that includes David Warner, Olivia Hussey, Sandahl Bergman, David Naughton and Steve Garvey, it’s unevenly acted and heavily edited to obtain the coveted R rating. There is a totally strange scene involving a lunatic asylum where the patients run the store, but it has nothing to do with the rest of the story. Too bad. It’s the best part of the film. All-in-all, there’s not much to recommend here besides the presence of Clint. Directed and produced by Norman Apstein, who directs porn videos using the name "Paul Norman", responsible for the XXX Rated classic EDWARD PENISHANDS (1991). He is also the son of late TV writer Theodore Apstein, who worked on television when it first appeared, known as the "Golden Age." From Golden Age to golden showers. Life is funny, isn't it? An A-Pix Entertainment Home Video Release. Rated R.


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