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What food can you prepare in 20 minutes, when you are very hungry?

  1. Lady_E profile image74
    Lady_Eposted 7 years ago

    What food can you prepare in 20 minutes, when you are very hungry?

    No Microwave Dishes. smile

  2. saddlerider1 profile image67
    saddlerider1posted 7 years ago

    For me when I am very hungry, I will whip up a grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat and sometimes add on some corned beef and sourkraut and voila I have a ruben. Yummy

  3. lanealanea profile image59
    lanealaneaposted 7 years ago

    Bed of lettuce topped with chicken in a can, salad dressing and voilĂ . I like it, hope you do too. Dried fruit from trader joes great too. Lanea

  4. Tony Flanigan profile image61
    Tony Flaniganposted 7 years ago

    20 minutes is a challenge. just about enough time for an omellette, with tomato, onion, ham and feta filling, on toast.

  5. MickS profile image70
    MickSposted 7 years ago

    there are zillions of them.
    It's easy to turn cheese on toast into a pizza by spreading tomato puree on the toast, adding sliced tomato, onion and mushroom before the cheese and a sprinkle of herbs.
    Salad with whatever you fancy.
    Chop up onion, sweet pepper, chilli pepper, mushrooms and fry then add an egg or two stirring briskly to make special egg fried vegetables.

  6. Pollyannalana profile image86
    Pollyannalanaposted 7 years ago

    Grilled cheese or tuna salad sandwich with a can of soup, or with salad. You also could make frozen oven fries(turn broiler on them first 7 or 8 minutes) with fish such as talapia you can run cold water over plastic wrapper to thaw in less than five minute, spray heated skillet with no fat butter spray, rinse fish and throw fish in, spray tops of fish sprinkle with herbs or spice, takes less than ten minutes to fry and could have salad with this also or in place of fries.

  7. datahound profile image68
    datahoundposted 7 years ago

    My favorites are cook up a bowl of pasta, toss some fresh tomatoes and some Parmesan or in the summer when the getting is good nothing beats a fresh tomato sandwich on some good artisan bread with mayo and fresh ground pepper.

  8. nifty@50 profile image75
    nifty@50posted 7 years ago

    You can fry up some eggs or make an omelet, hash browns and toast. Or do up a breakfast  burrito with a tortilla scrambled eggs and ham or beacon with cheese sour cream and salsa. A Cuban sandwich or Cuban breakfast sandwich can be made in that time. A  bean burrito or tostada are other options!
    http://hubpages.com/hub/Cuban-Ham-Egg-M … t-Sandwich

  9. FGual profile image60
    FGualposted 7 years ago

    Any sandwich can be prepared in less time than that. How about a tuna sandwich with a slice of swiss cheese and slices of dill pickles. On each bread slice you can add mustard, ketchup, tomato sauce, butter or margarine. Instead of tuna try any sliced meat such as ham, bologna, salami. Try a hard boiled egg sandwich with the same ingredients. For a more veggie taste all lettuce leaves.