Why is loose tea better than tea bags?

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    jstankeviczposted 7 years ago

    Why is loose tea better than tea bags?

    Is there a difference in the leaf processing? Are lower quality leaves used? Is it the bag itself? Is it an elitist thing? I've often heard that loose tea is preferred over tea bags, but wonder if that is true anymore. Many tea bags boast of whole tea leaves, better infusion…

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    MickSposted 7 years ago

    I prefer loose tea, made with boiling water in a teapot for black tea. For green tea I use water that has gone off the boil, it helps to prevent over-brewing and bitterness.
    Whilst I accept that among some tea drinkers there is an element of elitism involved, I prefer loose tea because I've always got more consistent results with it, I know how to brew it exactly as I like it.  I've found with bags there can be marked variation within the same pack?
    There is the absurd elitism of milk first or second and I remember seeing some chinless wonder aristocrat, on I think that programme by Di's butler, he was bleating that he couldn't have a cup of tea in the morning because the girl put in the milk first, poor dear.
    Like all cooking, it isn't adherence to the 'rules', the important thing is you are able to prepare food and drink how you, and your guests like it.  I like milk first.

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    timorousposted 7 years ago

    Loose tea is perhaps a bit more bother than plopping a teabag into a pot or cup.  Some people are bothered by bits of tea leaves that end up in the brewed cup of tea.

    In some ways you're paying for extra packaging with tea bags.  Many types of loose tea come in attractive tins that can be later used for storing things or put on display, if you're the nicknack collector type.

    Not sure if the quality of loose tea is actually better.  I suspect the cheaper brands of tea bags use some lower quality [bitter] tea leaves as filler.

    I guess you generally get what you pay for, elitist or not.

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