Which Foods to screen your skin ?

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    triosolposted 7 years ago

    Which Foods to screen your skin ?

    A new study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews has found certain foods can be added to your diet and work as a natural sunscreen according to American Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) announcement.

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    cookingwithdenayposted 7 years ago

    Avocado usage is reduced because of negative misconceptions. The avocado has various uses as a natural cosmetic, with advantages in rapid skin penetration, and as a superior natural sunscreen. Avocado oil has several culinary and health benefits. The greater use of whole fruit has important advantages: usefulness in human weight control, high nutritional density, source of major antioxidants, stroke prevention, fruit protein source, fiber source; as baby food, and other dietary benefits. Erroneous public perceptions of avocado calorie content and of cancer influences are noted.  Learn more at: http://www.regenerativenutrition.com/content.asp?id=443