after i make my homemade wine,how do prevent it from turning to vinegar?

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    brittneyleeposted 7 years ago

    after i make my homemade wine,how do  prevent it from turning to vinegar?

    basically..i use a milk jug,frozen juice,sugar and yeast,i top with a balloon and holes in it,then let sit for 10 days, then i bottle and cork after adding flavoring. i usually chill before drinking.otherwise,the bottled wine sits on my wine i NEED to refridgerate afterwards? and will it turn to vinegar?

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    Patti Koskiposted 7 years ago

    During the actual fermentation process there isn't much you can do but keep the fermentation to a temperature below 75 degrees F.  This keeps the volatile acid production done by the yeast below acceptable levels.

    It is important to know that it takes oxygen to produce vinegar.  Therefore you must keep the oxygen away from and out of your wine and there are two basic ways to achieve this.

    1. After fermentation keep your wine in a container with little to no head space.  During fermentation the head space is filled with a protective layer of CO2 that keeps oxygen out.  After fermentation moving your wine to a more appropriate sized vessel with no head  space or you can "top up" your wine.

    2. The second way is to use sulfites.  Sulfites are added AFTER the fermentation process.  If they are used during fermentation they will affect the performance of the yeast.

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    HomeWineMakingposted 6 years ago

    If your turned into vinegar it means that bacteria has infected your wine.

    This can happen if the equipments used are not sterilized properly or it is exposed to too much oxygen.