why do you think outbreaks of food borne illnesses

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    reddwarfposted 7 years ago

    why do you think outbreaks of food borne illnesses

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    Jason R. Manningposted 7 years ago

    You must be taking an online course...SCI-241?  I've seen this question recently.

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    4FoodSafetyposted 6 years ago

    I just read your question after I wrote this hub: http://foodsafety.hubpages.com/hub/Neve … n-a-Monday

    There are three things that promote food borne illness - very simply: 1.) temperature 2.) alkalinity and 3.) logistics.

    Bacteria needs two things to thrive - a warm temperature and an alkalinity near neutral. The human body is the perfect host for bacteria - we are warm blooded and our body is near neutral in alkalinity.

    The third item, logistics showcases how we are striving to cut down on transportation and carrying costs. Perishable foods need to be sanitized for shipment and preparation. Additionally as we know both shipment and preparation demand consistent cold temperatures to thwart bacteria. Missing these two steps is what is causing these outbreaks. It is both sides of the process that we are missing - shipment and preparation. This can be easily changed with knowledge.

    If logistics is improved with better sanitizers such as ozone rather than ammonia, the processing and delivering of perishable items could become less of a concern. Not understanding the benefits of Mother Nature's sanitizer - ozone is a problem in the food industry.  Understanding the nature of ozone is also critical.

    Ozone generators that don't have indicator lights to show when the ozone is working, or ozone generators who don't work after 2 minutes have been a problem in the industry. Home made ozone generators are nothing more than a car without steering - completely useless. Technology is the steering that has resolved these problems for food sanitizers that use ozone. Nothing is stronger or more complete as a non-chemical sanitizer than ozone. Nothing is more useless than an ozone generator without the proper computer chips to steer the sanitizer.

    The test for a well designed ozone generator is simple, set a timer and let it run for over 2 minutes. If you no longer smell the ozone, it stopped working and the generator is more than just useless - it is dangerous because it is no longer functioning.

    We have learned the value of filtered water, hand sanitizers; we have learned that clean is not sanitized but we are just beginning to understand the value of food sanitizers.


    If we understand the nature of bacteria, if we understand how non-chemical sanitizers work such as ozone generators, we can protect ourselves from food borne illnesses.