best place to get indian veg/jain food in singapore

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    Neham100posted 7 years ago

    best place to get indian veg/jain food in singapore

    Looking for a hotel to  hotel to stay which should have good indian vegetarian food nearby or within

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    vik482posted 7 years ago

    Hotel Grand Chancellor is in Little India. There are a lot of good South/North Indian vegetarian restaurants in and around Little India. I'm sure you will find Jain food as well. A more classy hotel is the Park Royal on Kitchener Road which is near the famous Mustafa Shopping Center also in Little India. If food is your priority then Little India is the place. However, Singapore is a culinary paradise with cuisines ranging from Brazilian, Lebanese, Swiss, Russian not to mention Chinese, Japanese, Korean, name it they have it. It's a pity you want only Indian food because you don't know what your missing. Middle eastern and Italian food have lot of vegie options. I recommend you try them as well.