What is a good protein, meal replacement drink? (Not for weight loss)

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    filmchick1987posted 7 years ago

    What is a good protein, meal replacement drink? (Not for weight loss)

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    Supercellbaebeposted 7 years ago

    I know 2 drinks that you would supplement your normal diet with.

    Whey To Go - is am excellent one!  Its quite expensive, but it tastes lovely and the ingredients are all natural and nutritious.

    Or if you didn't want whey:

    Hemp protein - this is delicious, it really has a unique flavor when mixed with milk.  Hemp is highly nutritious with natural hemp oils as well as protein.   

    You can buy both of these in Wholefoods, Planet Organic, and at a lot of online stores.

    You wouldn't use a "protein shake" to replace a meal though, because it isn't balanced, and you would miss out on major nutrients, if that is all you had. 

    A meal replacement drink isn't just protein, it has fats, carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals in to provide a complete meal.

    If you want meal replacement drinks you could go for:

    Ensure Plus, Fortisip, Absorb Plus, Fresubin or Boost. 

    Good luck!

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    brainlara2011posted 6 years ago


    I know some  drinks which can replace the protein food like "Whey To Go" is the best but quite expensive.For detail on whey protein visit- http://www.primofit.co.uk/Protein_Powders