Can my bunny have coconut?

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    bunny727posted 7 years ago

    Can my bunny have coconut?

    i gave my bunny a coconut and I want to know if it might die or get sick.

  2. kimmi32401 profile image60
    kimmi32401posted 7 years ago

    No, he should not become ill. However, rabbits should not have coconut. While coconuts are not toxic to rabbits, they are very high in fat. Nuts, in general (including coconut meat) should be avoided, as the high level of fat content can lead to digestive problems, obesity and other diseases. For a list of safe foods, visit … cvegi.html

    On a side note, fruit is a great dietary supplement, but it should be in given moderation. Most rabbits prefer the sweetness of fruits to the taste of vegetables, however fruits do not provide the full range of nutrition necessary for healthy rabbits. For more information about the dietary needs of rabbits, visit