Best restaurants in Iowa?

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    Ultimate Hubberposted 6 years ago

    Best restaurants in Iowa?

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    lcloud10posted 6 years ago

    Best restauants in Iowa? Great question!  Personally, I would recommend if in Council Bluffs Iowa, it would have to be the Fresh Market Square Buffet  which is located at Harrahs Casino. It is a buffet and for the money you get great quality food! Here is a listing of time and prices:
    Saturday & Sunday | 8am - 3pm

    Monday - Friday | 11am - 2:30pm

    Monday - Thursday | 4:30pm - 9pm
    Friday & Saturday | 4pm - 9:30pm
    Sunday | 4pm - 9pm
    You can go to : to take a virtual tour of the buffet.
    Another restaurant that I would personally recommend is located in Marshalltown, Iowa. It is Chef King Chinese buffet.
    A family oriented restaurant with a very friendly atmosphere and children are allowed to be themselves and creative with the soft serve ice cream!   Their food venu consits of American, Chinese, and Italian. Their buffet is constantly being replenished when dishes are gone!  This restaurant is always busy! Here is the address and phone number, please call for pricing and times of operations.
    Chef King 
    29 West Main Street, Marshalltown, IA 50158-4942

    (641) 752-8282 ?
    According to The Iowas Source Magazine, they recommend the winners of the 2010 best restaurant contest.  These restaurants to name a few are: Cafe Dodici, Augusta, La Reyna, Revelations, Cafe Paradiso. For more information on the other winners and the type of food and atmosphere and locations, please visit