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Is it good to keep changing the types of food you eat?

  1. whoisbid profile image74
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    Is it good to keep changing the types of food you eat?

    I met someone who eats kebabs every day but they would never eat raw fish. Do you think that people who vary their diet benefit more?

  2. Cat R profile image76
    Cat Rposted 6 years ago

    It depents on your stomach. If you are well traveled or like to experiment, you should be able to eat anything; and if you are healthy enough for it.

    I grew up eating different foods and every month we tried a different restaurant. But after over 20 years of drinking too much coffee, my stomach doesn't do well with a lot of stuff. Amazingly I can still eat spicy food, but anything with a lot of creme or grease in it will become an issue.

    With animals (pets such as dogs, cats, etc) we usually recommend to stay with the same food; especially with those that have sensitive stomachs. Unless they are used to changes.

    I really don't go by what I am used to. I like to try new things and eat what I like. Only limit is my wallet and my imagination. But unlike Andrew Zimmer, there are certain things even I wouldn't touch!

  3. eye say profile image80
    eye sayposted 6 years ago

    It is good. I have food allergies and so does my daughter. We have been advise to rotate the foods in our diet because we become allergic to a food that we eat daily. Milk and wheat our off our food list now, and my daughter was tested 6 months ago and told no more broccoli, which she used to eat everyday. So I took the wheat and milk completely out of her diet for 2 years and now she can have both in small amounts maybe twice a week.

    So yes, change up the types of food you eat and remember "Variety is the Spice of Life"

  4. Ruchi Urvashi profile image75
    Ruchi Urvashiposted 6 years ago

    Yes, it is a good idea to have different colors of food every day, then we get different nutrients and the chances of deficiency is less.

    It also helps when a certain type of food that we are eating might have small amounts of toxins, unknown to us. It might not affect our body if we eat it once in a while but if we eat regularly, it might cause cancer or other dangerous diseases.

    Well, I am vegetarian and in this sense, I am not rotating my food to meat or fish. I am still quite healthy and I feel light and energized.