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What can be used in a cake mix in place of egg?

  1. sen.sush23 profile image59
    sen.sush23posted 6 years ago

    What can be used in a cake mix in place of egg?

    My sister is allergic to egg albumen, so we cannot give her any food containing egg. I want to make a cake for her birthday and so want to know what can be used instead of egg,

  2. vivian feltz profile image60
    vivian feltzposted 6 years ago

    You can get powdered egg replacement at a health food store. I use applesauce to replace oil. A little extra may help to replace the egg also. It's worth a try. Try it on a cheap cake mix first to see how it turns out before you do the actual birthday cake.

  3. Cheds profile image82
    Chedsposted 6 years ago

    Applesauce is a good one. It makes what you're making have a fudgy texture that I like.
    You can also do 1 tbsp of cornstarch with 2 tbsp of water, wisked, for each egg.
    In my experience, both work well!

  4. Raziya22 profile image52
    Raziya22posted 6 years ago

    you can add some fruits, and some chocolate with it for new flavor

  5. emilybee profile image88
    emilybeeposted 6 years ago

    I tried this recently and it worked great : 2 tbsp water and 1 tbsp oil and 2 tsp baking powder.

  6. Brupie profile image71
    Brupieposted 6 years ago

    Eggs are remarkably versatile; either cooked by themselves or as a functional ingredient in countless dishes.  But if you can't consume them, what are your options? To determine the best substitutes, you need to consider the functional roles. read more

  7. renee21 profile image84
    renee21posted 4 years ago

    I mix 1 Tbsp flaxseed meal with 3 Tbsp water in a bowl and let it sit until it gets goopy.  I use that mixture for 1 egg.  So, for two eggs, you use 2 Tbsp flaxseed meal and 6 Tbsp water; 3 eggs--of flaxseed-9 of water... and so on.

  8. RTalloni profile image89
    RTalloniposted 4 years ago

    Ground flaxseed does a beautiful and healthy job of replacing eggs in baked goods, though getting a "white" cake with it is not possible.  I've experimented with flaxseed and find that it goes well with chocolate and is a great addition to fruit filled cakes.