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What is your favorite bedtime drink?

  1. Amber Allen profile image66
    Amber Allenposted 6 years ago

    What is your favorite bedtime drink?

  2. tom_caton profile image81
    tom_catonposted 6 years ago

    Red Wine. Nice and mellow, and I have to brush my teeth extra hard in the morning to rid myself of black-mouth

  3. Kris Heeter profile image79
    Kris Heeterposted 6 years ago

    In the winter, hot cocoa with mini marshmellows:)

  4. profile image0
    Olde Cashmereposted 6 years ago

    I used to drink chamomile tea in the evenings, relax and watch a movie while lying down. Peaceful and relaxing.

  5. ishwaryaa22 profile image88
    ishwaryaa22posted 6 years ago

    My favorite bedtime drink is warm milk as it induces better and peaceful sleep.