How do you become a vegetarian?

  1. shesacraftymom profile image75
    shesacraftymomposted 5 years ago

    How do you become a vegetarian?

    Why did you do it? Do you eat any type of meat like fish? Was it difficult? What if everyone else around you (spouse, kids, etc) love meat and won't give it up?

  2. ChristinS profile image96
    ChristinSposted 5 years ago

    I eat a meatless and mostly vegan diet.  My husband and kids do eat meat on occassion and that's fine for them.  I make different dishes for them a couple of times a week so they can have their meat, but I stick to my meatless diet.  I choose to not eat meat because I am opposed to animal cruelty (it happens) and also because I do not like the idea of "pink slime" for example as an additive.  I am also healthier on a mostly vegan diet and feel better than I ever did when I was a meat eater.  I have no moral problems with people who hunt and eat the meat etc.  I do have a problem with the environmental and health hazards of mass production that goes on. 

    My family will occassionally enjoy local meats (they know where it comes from and how its produced etc) and I have no issue with that smile we all respect each others choices.  However, since I do most of the cooking it has been advantageous that it has taught my kids and my partner to really enjoy vegetables and other items they may never have tried otherwise like quinoa for example.  smile  It's an excellent source of protein and the whole family loves it.

    I would also add that you can't eat fish or chicken and call yourself a vegetarian wink  meat is meat - whether it's fish or chicken or pig or cow etc.

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    arpitmeposted 5 years ago

    I am vegetarian by birth. Although this question is not meant for me but i cannot resist myself answering this one, its my favorite topic . So i can give the answer in an alternate way, providing reasons to non vegans that may help them becoming a vegan.

    Firstly we are designed as a herbivore. for more insight visit Its not a spam or an advertising website.

    Secondly herbivore food has more energy content (approx. has 10 times more energy then non veg diets), can be easily explained by 10% law of energy transfer in trophic level, and are easy to digest so full utilization of the food.

    Thirdly Plants are more appropriate choice morally as well because they have less senses, they only sense touch compared to 5 sense animals,  they are static and so less sensed by us, also they are harvested in there last stage of life unlike animal which are slaughtered when they are young and flesh full. Trees are left as it is, we just go for the fruit.