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My grill has low gas pressure. I have done resetting the OPD twice. I have 3 iro

  1. catoraat profile image53
    catoraatposted 5 years ago

    My grill has low gas pressure. I have done resetting the OPD twice. I have 3 iron burners + 1 side.

    CharBroil Advantage series. Cleaned ventaris and burners. Cast iron burners and a side burner. Opened all valves with gas tank disconnected, closed valves, reconnected tank and opened valve slowly.

  2. CWanamaker profile image96
    CWanamakerposted 5 years ago

    There could be any number of reasons that this is occurring. It could be a problem with the regulator/surge protector that is located between the valve on the tank and the burners. Try this:

    1) Disconnect and reconnect the propane tank to the grill.
    2) Open the propane tank valve and wait a few seconds for the fuel to enter the regulator. Make sure the burners are off.
    3)Slowly turn the burners on and ignite the propane.

    Other problems could be that it was improperly filled or that the overflow protection device has been triggered.

  3. ShootersCenter profile image73
    ShootersCenterposted 5 years ago

    Sounds like a regulator problem. You may be able to trouble shoot it from an online site.

  4. grillrepair profile image67
    grillrepairposted 5 years ago

    I thought I answered this but i don't see the response.
    The job the the check valve is to check pressure differential between the pressure that leaves the tank and the pressure that stabilizes. The valves have to be completely off for this to happen. If you have reset correctly and still have problems there may be a small leak.
    Many homeowners mistakenly believe this is a regulator problem when it is not but changing the regulator will reset the check valve in the tank so it appears to fix the problem.
    Usually this happens where the valve seals to the manifold but and gas fitting can have a problem. Spray the fittings and the valves with soapy water to see if you get bubbles.
    Other common problems that appear to be low gas are faulty tanks, mis-adjusted valves and insects.
    The empty space behind the orifice can be a welcome area to build a home for a tiny insect.  Remove the orifice and blow out the orifice and the valve.
    The control valve should have a tiny set-screw in the valve stem.  Use a small flat-gead to adjust the gas while the burner is "on" and make a note of each adjustment so you can adjust back as the burner will adjust slowly.  The air shutter can also be adjusted while the burner is on and this carburetor has to allow an air mixture or the gas will not burn, or will burn low.

    If you have been exchanging tanks many exchange tanks have faulty valves.  However, like the regulator if this is "bad" they will usually not work at all. 
    Finally, If the tank is overfilled the displacement caused by the OPD float can trigger the check valve over and over regardless of how many times you reset the pressure or how slow you open the valve.  This will seem like low pressure because the initial reading of the check valve is too high for the pressurized stabilization to match it and the check valve reads the difference as a leak.

    There is a screw on the side of the valve opposite the pressure release (indented triangle) that will expel gas but you're better taking this to the fill-station so you're not standing in a cloud of flammable vaporized propane.