Know anyone who farms coconut in/near Guatemala?

  1. Jak Pli profile image58
    Jak Pliposted 5 years ago

    Know anyone who farms coconut in/near Guatemala?

    I fell in love with the smell of coco oil many years ago while traveling in South America. Now, we've started cooking with it every day, and I believe it will become one of the most vital agricultural products of the future. Sure Americans are now drinking the water, but the oil is so wonderful in so many ways.

    I have friends close to the government of Guatemala. The country needs to create wealth -- and I am considering if/how I may help them start to build coco plantations... so this is why I ask... Thank you!

  2. anuws profile image60
    anuwsposted 5 years ago

    Yes I myself have coconut trees in my lands in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of main exporter of quality coconut/ coconut oil and products. let me know if you need more information smile

  3. Ipeoney profile image81
    Ipeoneyposted 5 years ago

    No I don't know anyone who farms coconut in Guatemala. But it is a good idea to plant coconuts if you have a good farm land and also build a residential home within the plantation. It is good to plant coconuts either for personal consumption or for business. You will never run out of fresh summer drinks made of fresh young coconut - scoop the young coconut finely, mix it with it's own water, add a little sugar to taste and add some ice or place in a refrigerator to cool. It's super delicious by the way. Or you can make fruit salad out of fresh young coconut, mix it with cream and other fruits, yum!