Bagged lunch suggestions?

  1. BSloan profile image75
    BSloanposted 5 years ago

    Bagged lunch suggestions?

    Most of us start the year wanting to save money and what better way than to bag our lunch.

    Do you have any suggestions for brown bagging our lunch?  Suggestions, ideas and recipes are appreciated.

  2. vespawoolf profile image98
    vespawoolfposted 5 years ago

    I enjoy hummus or baba ganouj (eggplant dip) with whole grain pita bread or bagels. I take along some raw veggies to enjoy, too, like cucumber slices, carrot sticks and strips of red pepper. I've written recipe hubs on all of these except the hummus recipe because I always use Sally Trove's "Hummus for Garlic Lover's" recipe. You can't beat it!