Who makes the first approach,and whats the worst opening chat up line?

  1. greencha profile image70
    greenchaposted 6 years ago

    Who makes the first approach,and whats the worst opening chat up line?

    So come on ladies lets have some answers --in this modern age of equality of the sexes -do women still expect men to always make the first advances if they 'fancy' someone.?

  2. MissJamieD profile image66
    MissJamieDposted 6 years ago

    Heck no! I made the first move and started chatting with my boyfriend (before he was my bf of course) every chance I got. We worked together and just started talking. But I was the aggressor, I started talking to him first. He noticed I was a bit worked up one day and he was the only other person outside on break with me, I noticed him kind of advancing, coming nearer and nearer to me, so I just started talking about our job and things I had going on at the time in my personal life. That was the best move I'd ever made, he came back with almost the same exact story going on in his life at the time...we've been the most amazing match in heaven ever since. Neither of us were looking for love, it found us. We have one of the most intensely romantic/loving relationships that I've ever witnessed in my life. We have so much in common it's amazing, and not too many other people have the same pasts as he and i do. We're both good, christian, selfless people.

    But I approached him first because having been around him at work, we'd had those eye to eye situations where we pierced through each others souls. He told me later that he wouldn't have pursued me only because it wasn't appropriate at work, but he still thanks me to this day that I did. We kept everything on the down-low while I was still working there but I later quit and moved to another place of work so that we could be comfortable and not have to be sneaky about it.

    Women, go after what you want! Alot of men are shy and won't come to you first....I'm never nervous to talk to people so that helped, but if you are shy, start reading about it and learning exactly how to open up and be approachable at the same time. If you're confident you shouldn't have a problem being the first one to speak up in any situation.

  3. Say Yes To Life profile image80
    Say Yes To Lifeposted 6 years ago

    Sure, I make the first move.  Either it works, or it doesn't.  If it doesn't, I'm no worse off than before.
    Worst chat-up line - in the middle of my 1982 European tour, I met my first black guy there  while I was in Italy.  (BTW, all the sexist stories you've heard about the men there are true - and worse.)  The guy and I started talking, and he said having been gone so long from the US, I must be hard up for a little loving.  I said if I were that hard up, I could always go for the sex-crazed locals.  He kept pressuring me, until I finally walked away.  He followed me for a few blocks, until I loudly told him to buzz off.
    Actually, that was the second worst pickup line.  The worst came from a local.  He couldn't speak English, so he pointed at me, then put his hands together against the side of his face and leaned against them (sign language for "wanna screw?")
    I've heard of even worse than that!  A Playboy model was in a bar once, and a man pointed to her blonde hair and asked, "Does the rug match the drapes?"
    I think it's fun, collecting these!


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