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Say Yes To Life profile image

Yoleen Lucas (Say Yes To Life)

Joined 6 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii




Also follow me on:

Welcome to my webpage, Say Yes To Life!

To give you a brief background; I was born and raised in Oakland, California, which is an odd mixture of bungalow and Victorian house ghetto in the flatlands and grand mansions in the hills. Though it is a suburb of San Francisco, it contains woodsy hiking areas like Joaquin Miller and Redwood Park. I grew up in an odd mixture of violence and elegance, narrow-mindedness and culture, mega-metropolis and nature.

I left Oakland soon as I turned 18. Since then, I have lived in many places; Southern California, Silicon Valley, and the Seattle area. Currently, I live on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist church. You may see them as a religion that is full of rules as to what people can’t do. Many Christian religions have rules of this sort, to varying degrees. Having looked into other denominations and non-Christian religions, I have found they all strive for the same thing; how to live the best life here on Earth, and get along with our fellow man. I have since become an Omnist, which means while I don't hold any particular religion or denomination as Absolute Truth, I believe they all have some degree of legitimacy.

I have also discovered there is a tremendous amount of ignorance in the world; many people engage in the vices of drinking, drugs, gambling, and illicit sex because they don’t know any alternatives. The Seventh Day Adventists have taught me a lot about positive living; I am using Say Yes To Life as a guide for healthy and wholesome ideas to incorporate into readers’ lives. For those of you who are unfortunate enough to be addicts, you need to realize there’s a lot more to overcoming your addiction than “just say no”. Avoiding the addictive substance is only the beginning; you need to fill the empty space with salubrious ideas and actions, to avoid relapse. To those of you who are not addicts, this is how you stay that way.

Once again, welcome to the adventures of Say Yes To Life!

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