Why won't some vegans eat sugar?

  1. Haseena Firdousia profile image70
    Haseena Firdousiaposted 4 years ago

    Why won't some vegans eat sugar?

  2. techygran profile image92
    techygranposted 4 years ago

    Some vegans don't eat sugar because they are on a path of optimal health and know from research that sugar, particularly processed and refined sugars, contribute to many diseases such as obesity, insulin resistence, type 2 diabetes, and even heart disease when rotten teeth drain off into the chest and cause a bacterial infection/inflammation called myocarditis in the heart muscle.

    Some "ethical" vegans won't eat sugar because it continues to be a source of exploitation of people economically 'chained' to sugar plantations in countries like Haiti.

  3. Hyphenbird profile image92
    Hyphenbirdposted 4 years ago

    Because more than half of the sugar cane refineries use animal bone as char in the process. That fact makes it a non vegan food. Other ethical and health choices may apply but this is the major issue and point for vegans concerning sugar.