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Greetings! Welcome to my world of variety. Do not believe everything you read here. Much is fiction and what is based on fact is presented in my own unique and inspired interpretation.

I am primarily a creative writer but I love history and have a passion to bring injustice to light. In that regard, I search out and write about little known true crimes. Occasionally a poem will squeeze its way out past the muse that has beaten me up to form it. Some are good, some are not. Most are received by people who needed the words so I leave them up.

Photography is a passion and most of the photos you see on my Hubs are my original work. They can be purchased but not freely downloaded.

I love HubPages and the opportunity to share my writings and other artworks. I thank you for reading my Hubs, your time is appreciated. Please leave me some feedback. True constructive critique is always welcome; mean spirited comments are not and will be removed.

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To join the most magnificant community of all, join me in fellowship with Jesus.

God is always waiting and ready to bring you home to His protection, peace and embrace. Please watch this video and email me if you need to talk or have questions how you can accept Jesus as your personal Savior and friend.


All photographs and text on this site are protected under United States and international copyright laws (© Brenda Barnes) with all rights reserved. Now that we have that little piece of business out in the open....

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