Why do sibling cats bully or fight one another

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    Lenacatposted 4 months ago

    Why do sibling cats bully or fight one another

    I rescued two male feral cats that appeared to be siblings along with a stray small cat.  I used a trap cage, took them to a vet and got both males neutered. The smaller tortoiseshell cat was missing when I trapped the two male but later I found out it was a female and while they were in the shop she had 6 kittens.  I was later able to trap her and bring her in the house with her kittens  but was told I had to wait until she was finished nursing.  When the males came home I kept them in a cage separate until they were healed and since they were not mine I thought they would go back to where th

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    renee21posted 4 months ago

    To show dominance.  The cat that wins is the most dominant one and all the other cats must submit to him/her or leave.