Guacamole Dish Recipe For Health By syal

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    syalposted 7 years ago



    1/2 medium sweet organic onion (Vidalia), finely chopped: 30 calories
    8 organic cherry tomatoes extra sweet (seeded and finely chopped): 112 calories
    2 ripe organic Fuerte avocadoes (pitted): 552 calories
    1-2 fresh organic red hot cayenne peppers: 3 calories
    2 tbs. lime juice freshly squeezed: 1 calorie
    2 tbs. organic cilantro (finely chopped): 1 calorie
    1 pinch of assorted peppercorn mix (freshly grounded) : 0 calorie
    1 pinch of pink himalayan salt: 0 calorie

    Total caloric content: 700 calories (serves 4)
    Calories per serving: 175 calories

    Preparation: Mash throughly the avocados with a fork. Mix well with the other ingredients. Garnish with fresh cilantro leaves, or lime/lemon slices, or radish slices, or jicama slices. Goes well with quinoa, corn, beans and rice.
    It makes an excellent veggie dip.

    Health benefits:

    Avocados provide a wonderful source of healthy fats which are so important for cholesterol based hormone synthesis and cardiovascular and neuronal health. When served together with tomatoes, it improves the absorption of lycopene from them. they were found to be beneficial for cardiovascular health, as they lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) due to beta-sitosterol. They are a great source of beneficial fatty acids. Avocados are rich in lutein essential for eye health. They are great for cancer prevention and treatment (breast, prostate, neck, brain). Highly rich in glutathione, folate and vitamin E, avocados are wonderful for tissue health. Skin and hair will also greatly benefit from avocado consumption.

    Tomatoes are very rich in lycopene (an antioxidant) and vitamins. This makes them have anti-cancer and anti-cardiovascular disease benefits and decrease the risks for macular degeneration disease. Also by fighting free radicals they help maintain the youth and good function of the body, sustaining longevity.

    Onions are rich in vitamins and minerals and have highly anti-septic, anti-inflammatory qualities. They have anti-coagulant properties, making them great for thrombosis, pulmonary embolism. Rich in fiber they relieve constipation and flatulence. Help with anemia, high blood pressure (they are diuretic), hair loss, osteoporosis, low immunity, diabetes, obesity, infections. Onions are considered to be an aphrodisiac!

    Cayenne peppers are great for stomach problems, anti-septic and anti-cancer and are great for cleaning clogged arteries and are great to regulate high blood pressure. They increase metabolism and encourage toxin elimination through sweating (sudorific). They are also vermifuge and anti-inflammatory.

    Lime is rich in vitamin C, helps with scurvy, it is a digestion aid, adjuvant in gout treatment, eye disorders, weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, clears depositions of calcium in the urinary tract (improves kidney stones condition), stomach ulcers.

    Cilantro is the most potent natural chelator (a chelator removes heavy metals from the blood stream and it is eliminated together with them). It has many other health benefits: anti-bacterial, immune-stimulant, digestive adjuvant, anti-nausea, anti-flatulence, lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good one (HDL), improves diabetes, good source of iron, magnesium and dietary fiber.


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